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Classic Cars at the Bluey's Polo Club Annual Charity Day

The Classic Cars at the Bluey's Polo Club Annual Charity Day on Saturday 3rd August was a small but interesting event. Bluey's Farm and Polo School is located in the country in Berkshire
near to the town of Twyford.

The Charity they were supporting this year is the Alexander Devine Children's Hospice Service based at 113, Whitby Road, Slough, SL1 3DR

The Car Display was organised by the Barkham Classic Car Club who sent us the invitation because I joined their mailing list following the first ever Bearwood School Classic Car Show which is located also in Berkshire and in the clubs area. I am on record as stating that I prefer these small mixed events rather than the larger Clubby Morgan Only Events where it is easy to feel isolated if you are not part of an intimate group. Here we are strangers and more people actually want to meet and chat about their cars.

The cars gradually arrived and parked in the paddock behind the Polo Pitch. This was a preferable location as a miss hit Solid Plastic Polo Ball can do fair amount of damage to a Classic Car. The Green Goddess is tucked in between the 1915 Ford model T and the VW Camper Van. .

There we are, having just put the roof up during a shower of Golf Ball Sized Raindrops.
Our  Dogs Home Fisherman's Umbrella Tent raised the usual interest from the other car owners. There will be a market surge in their purchase soon I guess.

These 'Smart Ones' parking in the shade on this partially cloudy but very hot afternoon.

Half way through the afternoon, the other cars were judged in groups by age. The Mog was too young to be considered.

The Bluey's Team gathering to do the Judging.

One of  Three Rover 2000's on show today.

 This unrestored Morris Traveller was in lovely condition.

This TR4 being polished was rebuilt by specialists during 1990.
 Both the Burgundy TR6 and the Red TR4 were awarded rosettes.

 This  MGB was another Rosette Winner.

This Alpina Rally Car won Best In Show as it is still used for Rallying.

 This MGB has been set up for use on Track Days. Note the Perspex Headlamp Covers!
 A very neat MGA

 This Stunning Jaguar XK140 was my favourite and I love the Colour. 

The Ford Model T with its Hood raised looks fantastic. The owner has only had it for 3 months to add to his collection.

A Few more cars began to arrive after the lunch break

 This Porche 911 has an appropriate plate.

 One of the Three Rolls Royce cars in the show. 

The Lotus Elan was one of the cars to take first prise in its group.

The Last to Arrive. Better Late than Never. 

This magnificent Rolls Royce Silver Ghost is, according to a reader on the TalkMorgan website, the James Radley Car R827 which competed in the 1912 Alpine Rally

You may read about the story of that rally using the following Link

A Unusual Figure on the Radiator.

Once the Car Judging was completed it was time to watch the Polo Match. Prior to lunch we were able to watch this lady pitch the horses speed and agility against a BMW Mini Car. The horse and rider were so fast, a) I did not get any snaps and b) the car stood no chance.

 The Bar & BBQ in the Marquee

 An Art Sales Presentation and a Berkshire Vineyard selling wines.

 The Team Members mingle with Family & Friends

Meanwhile the rest are warming up the horses.

The Teams are briefed and then presented to the spectators

Then the First of the Four Chukkas began 

A pause after the First Chukka to change the horses 

At Half Time, The Green Team were 3, 0 up.

At the end of the Game it was 7, 6 to the Yellow Team from Bluey's 

Gathering for the Prize Giving 

The award for the Best Horse in the Match

Individual Prizes first for the losers.

A Kiss for the Winning Team Captain

The Winning Team with the Silver Plaque

After the Presentations they drew the Raffle. I was fortunate enough to win the Top Prize of dinner for two at a nearby restaurant, The Bell at Waltham St Lawrence. 

My ticket was number 161 ( 1+6+1 = 8, our lucky number).  

Then I had the idea of giving back the prize to be sold at auction for the Charity. It worked out superbly with kind thanks to the Auctioneer who worked his socks off to raise the bids. The Prize of the meal finally raised a magnificent £75.

Then it was time to leave the Polo Fans to their partying, pack up our cars and head for home.

 The Model T owner, after hand cranking the car to get it going, decided to let his youngest daughter towards the field gate while he worked the pedals

It was a lovely day doing something only experienced once before at Cowdray Park Midhurst in 1986; watching a Polo Match.

Our thanks go out to The Barkham Car Club for including us in the Invitation and to Bluey's and the Teams for giving us a great show of skill and speed in that exciting match.

Let us hope that they all achieve their objectives in raising funds for the Alexander Devine Children's Hospice.  


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