Thursday, 29 August 2013

For Us, Bank Holiday Monday is Wheels in Winslow Day

During the Winslow Country Fair day the local Lions Group invite owners of vehicles of any sort and size, with Wheels on to bring them to the show and present them to the show visitors. The show has grown and grown over the last 5 years and is, for us, a most enjoyable experience. 

Part of the Childrens Rides Area and one of the Two Showgrounds in the background

Arriving at around lunchtime we have never been held up in a traffic jam - straight in and parked up in the show area. Unlike the County Show a few days later, located on the same road, where there will be miles of stationary traffic queuing to get in. 

Before getting into the cars on show here are some images of the whole show to give you some perspective on the event.

 The sea of side shows overlooked by the magnificent Winslow House.

The Second Show Ring on the Left with the Gymkhana in progress.

The Dog Show in action with the Crafts Tent in the rear.

 A Specialist Land Rover Company Presentation

 The Sheep Judging Pens

 Ponies gathering for their events.

 One Young Man's Gymkhana Clear Round Against the Clock in Progress.

 The Inflatable Crazy House was almost as popular as the queue for Ice Creams.

The local Silver Band keeping the Drinkers at the Beer Tent foot tapping   

Waiting for the Ponies to arrive for their 'Turn Out' judging.  

Now! Where did we put that Widget?

In the Vehicle Show area, there was a magnificent display of Agricultural Machinery both static and in action.

The star attractions were the Drum Threshing Machine and The Reaper, both which were working away all day. The Thresher won the prize.  

 The Thresher with Safety Fence to keep small finger out.

  The Reaper and its Proud Owner.

 The Tractor Belt Driving the Thresher.

 The Show seen through the Drive Belt.

 Partially Hidden was this Water Cooled Static Engine, Belt Driving this Small Corn Milling Machine with its owner looking on.

 Tractor Owner Dennis chatting to the Static Engine owner.

Four More Tractors on Show.

 The Farmers other Trusty Steeds. Grahams Landy in the foreground as he waits for his new Mog to be delivered.

The Iconic Fergy (Ferguson) Tractor Collectors Must Have.

So now to review some of the other Classic Cars on show. With Organiser, Keith having his own Morgan there was plenty of support from the wider Morgan Community.

 Keith's Le Mans Plus 4 Special.

 Our Green Goddess under scrutiny from some visitors. DOC parked Unnecessarily Close to us and then cleared off. After a short while they returned and left the show?? Not everyones Cup of Tea I guess!

 Lynne & Andy's 4/4

 Ah! That is a better view of our Mog.

Diligence is required to set up the Picnic among Friends. 

John & (Headless) Graham spot me snapping.

 Michelle's Mog.

Peter's new acquisition. A 4 Seater with super Doggy Box fitted to take their two Labradors.

 Keith & Mog.

 Model T Ford & Bowler Clad Owner.

Super Stingray

 Our Dog with the Mogs

 Then it was time to pack up and go home.

The show was over for another year and at 5pm everyone is clearing their stands.

 And after a quick Clean and Polish, The Mog is back in its Oh So Small Garage once again

And the Dog is Shattered from the trauma of the journey home.

Another successful day out is over and we have to look forward to being able to go again next. year.

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