Saturday, 10 August 2013

It Was The Bentley Drivers Club Day at Silverstone Today.

Each year around this weekend in August, The Bentley Drivers Club hold a day of Vintage Motor Racing using the Silverstone, Short Circuit.

Here is a PDF copy of the Drivers Instructions with Timetable and Circuit & Paddock Plans.

The day is particularly interesting to Morgan owners as two races have Morgans Racing among the other entrants. Also, Race 5 is a Morgan only race with in excess of 30 entrants.

The day for us, began with running into the tailback of a Motorway Accident on the M40 requiring some local knowledge to get around the jam once we crawled to the next exit. We arrived so late that we missed seeing the Famous Cavalcade of Bentley's making a circuit of the track. 

Here I am waiting my turn.

Worse than that, the delay required that we make a Comfort Break stop at the Services at Junction 10 which had its own traffic jam due to the stupid layout of its internal roads. Typically the washrooms are located at the opposite end of the service area from the entrance, requiring a long walk through the very busy shopping area. causing more delay for us.  

On arrival at the track we alway make our way around the perimeter road to Copse Corner, the fast flat out bend on the Short Circuit. It is here that Morgan owners tend to gather to watch the racing from the banking (The Stands are always closed for this meeting). This spot is also located  next to the Tunnel allowing a visit to the central paddock area and the old pit lane and garages.

I took a few snaps of the Cars parked in this area.

 I had to photograph this Berkeley as my first ever car was a Three Wheel Version of this model.

Ah, There is our friends Roadster 100. Can you spot the similarity? They are all the same colour.

As you can see, At Copse everyone uses a perfect raised terraced walkway to sit or set up their travel chairs and over the years it has become a Morgan Owners Meeting Place.

I have not taken lots of photos of the actual racing this year as my small camera takes a poor photo of the speeding cars. The red car in this one became the Race Winner driven by Matthew Wurr.

Once the main Morgan Race is over then it it a trip through the Tunnel to the Paddock area to view those cars there who are not still racing, as there are still five more races to go.

 The name says it all. Such a lovely word. All of the cars have to be checked here before being allowed to race.

Here are a selection of the photos taken at the Bentley Drivers Club area of the Paddock. Millions of Pounds worth of vintage racing cars.

 The one and only Morgan Three Wheeler 1933 Super Sport entered by Charles Reynolds this year in the Vintage Scratch Race did not start the race for some reason?

Among the Bentleys was this lovely Aston Martin.

 This sweet little 1929 Amilcar CGSS Monopla ran in the Vintage Race. 

 Waiting to race in Race 8.

 Slightly unloved, the car I mean, not racing today.

 Slightly out of context, The Hesketh Owners Club corner. Only 139 of these were made and inspired by Lord Hesketh for whom Formula 1 Racing Legend James Hunt raced.

 You may buy your 'Bentley' just over there.

 YF 2642 was in Concours condition with not a speck of dirt or oil anywhere despite having drive here today.

 Everyone loves that Lucky Number 8

 This is a lovely Lagonda Rapier 1933 from the Allcomers Handicap Race

A very smart Sunbeam Tiger. 

 Their racing done and they are on the road back home in no time.

But Racing is not over yet as Ed Mercer heads for the start of Race 8 in his Morgan +8

Meanwhile, back at the 'Techniques Morgan' Paddock everyone is gathering for the Prize Giving and Buffet provided by owners Brian and Tracy Gateson.

 This car, not listed in the race plan was representing the West Coast Salmon Company.

 Young William Plant's 'Cupie Doll', winner of the MG T Register, AC & Morgan Race.
Paul Bryan's 1987 Morgan 4/4 

 A Typical Paddock Scene of Wheels & Trolley Jacks. The cars were away racing.

The Trophy Table just waiting for some recipients to arrive.

 Some Chatted, others Waited.
 Some were in the cafe having a cup of tea.

Drivers waited with Friends & Families.

 Now a Crowd has gathered the Presentations may begin

 This Brett Racing Aero 8 from Brands Hatch Motors was not racing today.

 Lurking but spotted in typical pose, with Beer in Hand, was Graham Wright, a good friend from Talk Morgan normally found Marshalling at the Prescott Hill Climb Course

I lost by just that much, unlike the Fish that got away which is alway so large!

When researching information on the history of his Flat Rad 4/4, John C. Clarke decided to put the findings into his recently issued book 'Morgan International Adventure'
John would be making the Trophy Presentations today.

Brian Gateson (L) introducing John C. Clarke to the gathering, but being a racer himself everyone seems to know John.

John in full flow watched by Tracy 

 Young William Plant receiving his Magnificent Trophies. 

 This is where my knowledge and memory for names let me down. I think that this is Greg Dixon-Smith

 John Emberson?

 I spotted MSCC Thames Valley Centre Secretary Rodger Bluff adjusting his camera.

 Talking with Richard Plant (L), Williams Plant's dad, is Richard Shepherd-Barron of Le Mans winning TOK 258 fame. 

 Matthew Wurr, winner of the Morgan Challenge Race receiving his Laurel Wreath & Trophy from  Morgan Aero Race Series Coordinator Katy Thompson. 

 Lady Driver Mary Lindsay laughing at some pointed comment. 

Matthew Wurr deep in thought doing a spot of lip chewing.

For us the day had to end as we needed to head home to relieve our son from Dog Sitting.

I hope you have enjoyed the day.

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