Monday, 23 March 2015

A Visit to Stokes Bay to see the USS Theodore Roosevelt today

Traffic around the Coast Road today has been manic as everyone wants to view the USS Theodore Roosevelt which is anchored in Stokes Bay on the Solent for the next 5 days.

We were also there to try the area as a new Dog Walking place.

As we arrive at the beach, there she is. Here 5000 troops will be desperate for their 'ferlo' to somewhere in the Uk from the Bars of Portsmouth to all points north. She is too large to get into Portsmouth Harbour so two local Boat companies are being used as a ferry service.

The Bay here has a wide walkway showing some of its wartime history with these old concrete plates.

The ship has all of its Aircraft on deck while in port to allow servicing to take place. Under way, they would all be in the hold. One of the Blue Funnel Steamers used as a ferry is moored at the rear end.

Ahead of us as we walk the coat is Fort Gilkicker, one of the many Palmerston Folly ring of Forts built around Portsmouth Harbour.

Behind the Fort are the Alverstoke Lakes which border the Stokes Bay Golf Club

In the other direction is Ryde on the Isle of Wight in the distance.

Just off shore is another of the Palmerston Forts, this time a Sea Fort, one of three. Spitbank Fort, which has now been converted into a luxury hotel.

At the end of this walkway we meet the Outer Fence of what is now a Prison used to house Illegal Immigrants until they can be deported. Everything from here to Portsmouth Harbour is Ministry of Defence retained property.

The prison fence drops into the deep shoreline. In the background can be seen the Seaside Resort of Southsea.

Another view of Ryde with the distinctive Church Spire on the skyline.

Looking back at Fort Gilkicker and the lake.

The Golf Course borders the Prison and the Beach. A Lone Golfer approaches the Green.

One of the Blue Funnel Boats makes its way back to Portsmouth followed by one of the Wightlink Car Ferries.

The Carriers from the rear as she swings untethered on the tide to change direction 

Walking back along the path which goes behind the fort. The White Sign indicates that it is now owned by the McAlpine company

The Main Entrance.

Looking to the left into the Ramparts

Looking to the right.

There is a plan lurking somewhere to convert these old buildings into a set of luxury apartments.

From Behind the Raised Beach one could imagine that the Aircraft have been moved onto the beachside.

I came across this Commemorative Plaque celebrating the building of one of the D Day Mulberry Harbours just here. 

The local Sailing Club Building was the control centre for the WW2 D. Day Embarkation .

Looking along Stokes Bay towards Lee on the Solent

Another D Day Commemoration Plaques

The sun came out and the bay took on a Mediterranean appearance. 

One of the Many Solent Beach Information Boards to be found along this coastline.

The sun and the Fishermen in silhouette.

The Pebbles Bistro with its Cafe next door. A good place to stop for our coffee next time.


  1. Great blog as always.


    1. Thank You Steve,
      It is always good to get your comments and to know that you are still following my progress now that we have moved home to the beach.
      There is always something going on along the Solent which has given us some new interests.
      Best Wishes