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I Went to See the Tailor of Gloucester.

I Went to See the Tailor of Gloucester.

A Week or so ago, I needed to make a visit to the City of Gloucester to visit a small workshop where some of the Best Shirts in the Country are made.

The actual story of the Tailor of Gloucester is by, Beatrix Potter, and is about a Tailor whose work on a Waistcoat is finished by the grateful mice he rescues from his cat.

It was the week when we had two days of Blue Skies and Sunshine, perfect to a two hour drive.

Not having any time for sight seeing and having stayed in a local Travelodge overnight for one night (not the best experience) I decided to walk into the office the following morning. 

I am so please that I did which allowed me to walk through the old docks area and take a few photos along the way.

I would have loved to have explore the track that this carriage sat  on as there were a few more to the left and an engine behind a gate. Its a pity the Transit Van was in shot.

In the nearby Basin were these two large Barges indicating that the Access from The  Bristol Channel via the Long & Winding Gloucester & Sharpness Canal allowed some Large Ships to travel in there in their day.

It would have been nice to have had the time to visit the Square Rigger moored in the background.

I always try to photo any local maps which explain the Heritage of an area.

Sadly, the use of the area as a Car Park spoils the Photo opportunities.

A Set of  Large Wall Pictures indicate the style of Shipping of Yesteryear.

This Basin is packed full of Narrow Boats and some smaller craft.

A lovely example  of a Dockside Crane 

In this corner is located the Museum of the Soldiers of Gloucester

I did not have time to find out the background to this very tall piece of Sculpture 

It was difficult to see if any of these beautiful Warehouse Buildings were in use. It seemed not.

Trying to find a way out of the area I noticed this Lightweight Armoured Carrier tucked away in a corner of the Museum Forecourt. 

The Early Morning Sky adds something to this wider shot of the whole area.

Another well preserved crane. This one is Rail Guided around the Dockside.

I was impressed by this old Cotswolds Stone building located on the corner of Ladybellegate Street and Blackfriars. I wonder what its original use was?

Not quite realising where I was, I turned the corner to find my destination in front of me. Now, If you have to have a City Centre building for a business, I could not think of a lovelier place to locate it.

Thanks to local historian Darrel Kirby - 

Bearland House was built in the 1740's by Gloucester Attorney William Jones.  Originally it had extensive gardens and orchards to the rear and the courtyard was enclosed by an east and a west wing. 

In 1764 it was bought, along with all of the land bounded by Barbican RoadCommercial Road and Ladybellegate Street, by Samuel Hayward, JP and County High Sheriff, who lived there until his death in 1790 when it was inherited by his daughter Catherine, who lived there for many years and maybe still does! 

The house is said to be haunted by a lady in white, thought to be Catherine, who has been seen on the central staircase gazing out sadly over what used to be the gardens and orchards.

Looking along Bull Lane, I got this lovely shot of the Cathedral Bell Tower peeking above the rooftops. Once again I did not have the time to even go for a walk around the perimeter.

Next to Bearland House is a Large Police Station. Across the road is this unusual building called Shire Hall which is the Gloucestershire Crown Court House.

Inside of the building I was able to take a few photos. Here the ladies are busy actually making the Shirts 

The Main Entrance Hall retains some of the old character of the building with some modern left overs from the previous owner.

In the Cutting Area, fine cutting of Collars and Cuffs is taking place.

Lastly, the Bespoke Cutting Area.

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