Monday, 23 March 2015

Asbestos Fly Tipping on our Country Lanes

During our wallington Dog Walk last week, having checked my map I decided to try a new and extended route across some fields along the footpaths.

This footpath starts at Sperlings Farma and makes a round trip around Whitedell Farm, or so I thought?

When the Concrete Road runs out then this track forms the route before crossing two styles where it crosses two fields.

I could see that the path turned to climb the hill but I had to scale a five bar gate to get to it.

The path climbs the hill and passes Whitedell Farm before joining Whitedell Lane as planned.

Whitedell Lane turn into the Farm Yard just here.

A typical working farmyard.

It was a misty day looking North towards the Wickham area.

At the top[ of the hill these Steel Monsters continue their way towards Portsmouth. 

Most farms have their rubbish pit.

Whoops! Coming at it the wrong way around, I realise that I should not be there at all so will not be going that way again. Back to the Map for next time!

I pause to look both backward and where I am heading, towards Fareham in the distance.

As I approached the bend in the road, I thought that I was coming upon the aftermath of an accident. Not at all. It was the work of Fly Tippers.

About a half mile of Open Bags filled with old corrugated Asbestos Roofing materials. 

Bags and Bags of  Dangerous Rubbish. I took these shots from the distance of a nearby field where we walked past this mess.

I would be turning right at the next gate but the rubbish was strew on all down the lane.

Another look back up the lane where I had just come from. This was obviously a Shed Roof Replacement Job judging by the Large Sheets of Wood seen here as well.

I popped into Surlings Farm to ask if they knew about it and apparently the Council, who would have to clear it up, had already been informed.

 I intend to re trace part of this route next week. I wonder what surprises that trip will bring?

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