Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day 22 - The Home Run Around the Kent Coast

Actual Miles Driven Today - 222

I struck lucky when I left the Premier Inn.

I turned the wrong way and found myself heading back towards the Battle of Britain Memorial. 

I was in luck as the Grass Cutting machine was at work having opened the gate two hours early so in I went.

The Spitfire & Hurricanes in the morning mist.

The Central Statue in the Propeller 
The Roll of Honour from the Battle of Britain.

These Iconic Spitfires and Hurricanes say it all for me. 
The Spitfire

It is a very moving experience just being there. 

I only just finished reading the story of the Battle of Britain before I set off. 

As I left the Sea Fret started to roll over the cliff top

Just to remind me as I drove into Dover - Another Brick Watzit - then Dover Castle came into view through the mist.

Out of Dover the route took me to the Cul de Sac which is St Margarets Bay with a steep single track road down the cliff face with more hairpin bends.

St Margarets Bay
Quite a steep switchback road to get down here.
Deal Castle
At Deal, after a double back, I found the Beach Road and the Squat Castle.

Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Kingsgate and Margate.

The Massive Pfizer Factory
The Full Size Viking Long Boat
The run down around the harbour into Ramsgate

The Busy Ramsgate Harbour

Being in need of a comfort break, Jim, a keen Help for Heroes supporter, let me park the Mog in their Yard

Marine Engineers Jim & Mate moving a giant bronze propeller
The Mog tucked down the side of the workshop.

AlongMinnis Bay
Mog at Whitsable Harbour
At Whitstable, I found the Harbour and a Cafe specialising in Local Fish meals. 

In the car park I met a Morgan Roadster owning Hopmog member in full cycle racing kit who made a generous donation, but I failed to get his name.

A Helping Hero on the Quayside
A Pair of Plovers feeding nearby
Along the coast again to do a circuit of the Isle of Sheppy over the bridge

Over the High Bridge onto The Isle of Sheppey

Following the High Sea Wall.

Next to Gillingham to check out a Berkeley Homes Dockside development where my son was the architect.

Maritime History with this old Lightship as a Backdrop.

It was time to head home now. 

So it was through the Medway Tunnel and up the road to Dartford to pick up the M25 and make my way to Brands Hatch Morgan to say hello on my way home.

Through the Medway Tunnel

At Brands Hatch Motors where I met Sarah, Keith & Brett just before they closed for the night.

Keith kindly spotted that my front Engine Bay Cross Tie Bar nut was undone and duly tightened same for me. 

A Great Display area inside

Finally arriving home in Beaconsfield Old Town

A Big Surprise from my son when I arrived home. He said that the Garland Wreath is on its way.

I discovered that I  have been carrying a passenger for some time in the folded hood. He is still in there somewhere.

So there it is folks.

5017 Miles in 22 days Around Britain's Coat Roads for Help for Heroes in a now very dirty Morgan Centenary Roadster 100.

The Green Goddess - Road Eater - Flood Meister 

She has taken great care of me. Stopped when I needed, Jinked out of danger and Cornered with ease and purred along superbly.

Mr Morgan has developed a very nice Driving car and I have been honored with the pleasure to own a very special Roadster 100 one.


  1. Well done Frank....I think there is a book in there somewhere!!

    I wish I had been your co-pilot.

    Now you can look forward to giving the 'Green Goddess' a good 'going over'!

  2. Well done Frank - a superb achievement, excellent planning and a wonderful cause. Great photos and blog as well. What next? See you at Waddesdon - Chris from GX.