Sunday, 6 May 2012

Post Trip Review

I thought that those of you who may be planning to have a go at my journey, you may be interested to know some additional stats .

The Total Cost for my 22 day, 5017 Mile trip was

HOTELS & MEALS £1,402.05
FUEL £1,124.17
EXPENSES £629.49
TOTAL £3,155.71

Total Cost Per Day £143.44 ( A Fabulous Deal )

Fuel purchased was 784.78 lts @ Average £1.43ltr

Before the trip the MPG average of my Morgan 3ltr Roadster since new was 30.4 mpg

This Average Reduced to 29mpg during the trip, probably due to my erratic driving style as I took advantage of the many empty roads along the way.
I realised that the Morgan is the best of the cars we have to drive. It is Fabulous.

My Tyres needed air three times. (first time courtesy of Russell Patterson Morgan)
My Suspension was Greased 5 times (my remote sustem - Wiped excess at base of Bump Spring Gaiters).
A Rattle was found to be 4 loose side window knobs (courtesy of Berrybrook Morgan)
A Loose nut found on Front Cross Tie Bar (courtesy of Brands Hatch Morgan)
One Bonnet Stay shook out of its swivel bracket.
My DIY Chip Guards failed due to sever drenching - Poor Material Choice. On many single track roads it was like machine gunning under there.

Some Beneficial Items.

Extra Padded Cushion to sit on
Lumber Support Cushion (£7 on ebay)

My Oh So Comfortable Cushion & Lumber Support
Stretch Waistband Jeans and Meyer Auto Trousers.
Flight Support Socks under warm socks
5 layers under padded Morgan jacket (hood down driving)
Warm 'Head Over' bought on trip (needed during sleet & hailstorm temperatures) to go under my Help for Heroes Cap.
10ltr Plastic Fuel Can for remote areas (kept behind passenger seat)

I Took the Tonneau with me but did not use it due to need to put hood up fast during hailstorms. Then I lost it in Scotland (but have it back thanks to a kind person handing it into Inverary Police)

My Sat Nav broke early on and I did not miss it (other than for times when I was lost)
Driving Anticlockwise gave me the ability to look across oncoming traffic so I would recommend that every time.

The Big Car Clean 
To say that the car was in a mess would be an understatement

So far I have spent one day cleaning the Carpets and Leather

And, one day cleaning the wheels with the MWS Wheel Cleaning Kit ,Wheels Off, which seemed to work well.

The stickers are still on the car so I have only washed the body and now need to clean the undercarriage.

Donations Update
Bmycharity (including my three Street Collections) £2973.77
Help for Heroes Cheques for Waddesdon £ 807.00
Donations Given during my Trip £ 503.44

There is an additional £605.94 in Gift Aid from the Bmycharity Donations

Waddesdon Manor 24th June Bookings are at around 100 Morgan Cars. Now that MSCC Magazine Miscellany has put in a Full I/2 Page Advert, David Harris is hoping that we can achieve the 200 cars as last year.


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