Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My Very Happy 69th Birthday Days.

Sunday was the day we celebrated my 69th Birthday as a Family, with a lovely lunch out at the White Hart Hotel In Beaconsfield.

Robin & William talking Harry Potter Lego, I'm sure.

Today, my actual Birthday, therefore, has been almost Normal, but not really. 
This morning I opened my lovely cards and the presents from Ann & Robin before Rob left for work. 
I am now sporting a lovely new Sweater and Shirt combination and have now sorted and packed away the new Toolbox and an Array of Spanners and Maintenance Gadgets from Robin. 

Matt, Sarah, William & Jacob invested in some new computer software for me so that I can hopefully complete the many pages of a Photo Book I am compiling based on my Daily Travels around the British Coastline.

The Snow yesterday was not that heavy but enough to make our daily Dog Walk more interesting watching how Digby treated the Snow and Ice. While scraping the snow off of the cars I thought I would make a Scary Snowman for Jacob as he is keen on Scary and Snowmen. The fact that it is only 6 inches high will not bother anyone but may have given the Postman a scare this morning.

Down in the Woods the snow was thin on the ground and we seemed to be the only people out today.

We have been widening these paths over the last few months and it has paid off as they are much easier to traverse compared to last Springtime.

Church Woods is owned by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and they are happy for Dog Walkers to use the footpaths as long as the dog is kept on a lead to protect the birds and pother wildlife living there.  Recently we have seen Roe Deer, Muntjac and Fox roaming freely. We occasionally meet Bird Watches either gazing or out maintaining the many Nesting Boxes in the trees there.

There are plenty of fallen tree parts lying about for me to trip over.

As we walked across the fields the snow began to blizzard again and visibility reduced considerably. 

The phone camera was even able to pick up the snow flakes. Very Impressive!

The Hooded Wonder and the Caped Crusader spotted again.

Digby just loves rolling in the grass and snow or hunting mysterious creatures beneath the grass? 

Digby enjoying his free running. 

Back in the White Horse for our welcome Coffee Warmer, the garden looks ready for those sunny Spring afternoons? The Garden Heaters warming our tent are most welcome today.

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  1. A belated Happy Birthday!
    I have just been getting up to date with all your posts, all very interesting and pleased that you are taking the odd opportunity to keep the wheels turning on the 'Goddess'.
    Chris Gleave