Saturday, 12 January 2013

More Hedgerley Dog Walking Today

I have come the conclusion that it will take a while before we find a better Dog walking Venue than our Hedgerley Walking Circuit. More rain last night left the paths more Claggy than usual but we keep widening the paths by removing more of the brambles and everyone seems to be enjoying their use as the Clag increases. The only benefit if the extra rain is that it keeps the puddles we used to wash our boots refreshed>

As Spring evolves, views of the Church like this one will disappear again behind the leaves 

The White Horse Inn seems to be busy again. We judge by the number of cars parked in the lane. There will  still be a place for us to have our coffee.

 We are most envious of the owners of these three cottages which overlook the Village Pond and the Church

In the White Horse last week they were having some drainage pipework replaced so the Car Park needs a new surface.

As we were enjoying our coffee today, a Newly Wed Couple came out of the Pub. They were married this morning in Slough and were having a small Wedding Breakfast here. They were happy to be in my Blog. The Second Married Couple to be Blogged, following the lovely people I met at the Cullen Bay Hotel while on my Grande Tour in April.

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