Sunday, 6 January 2013


When I did my Solo 5017 Mile, Around Britain's Coast Roads Trip, the 3 Moderators of the TalkMorgan Website were some my Largest Donators to Help for Heroes.

Now two of them are about to embark (in May) on a Challenge of their own which is for a very worthy cause supporting those suffering from the Marfan Syndrome (Read Below) and need your support. Donations may be made through a link in their website.

Please Help support them if you  can.
Best Wishes 

You Mog Readers out there may have noticed this event - We need to support it as two of our esteemed Moderators are Key Participants are you not Simon and Boshly?

In May 2013, a fleet of Morgan Cars will leave the company’s historical factory on Pickersleigh Road enroute to one of the most northern points in Europe, Nordkapp, situated on the northern tip of Norway.

The trip, led by Steve Morris and Tim Whitworth, Directorsat the Morgan Motor Company, is much more than an extreme test of how well these British sports cars can stand up to the inhospitable driving conditions posed by the Scandinavian climate.

The purpose behind this two-week, 5,000mile journey is to raise awareness for a medical condition known as Marfan Syndrome. The condition attracts very little awareness, yet in the UK alone over 10,000 people are currently diagnosed with the condition, unfortunately over 1/3 of whom will not live beyond early adulthood, as there is currently no cure for the condition.

Steve and Tim will be joined by several other Morgan enthusiasts, who will all share the responsibilities of driving a Aero Supersport Coupe, Aero Supersport, Plus 8, Plus 4 and a 3-Wheeler for the entire duration of the tip.

The team are keen to stress, even at this early stage, that they are each funding the trip from their own personal finances, thereby ensuring that 100% of the donations they receive go directly to assist the incredible work of The Marfan Trust.

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