Friday, 25 January 2013

When Will This Snow Go Away?

Everyone across the UK has been suffering from the effect of the recent Snow Storms.....

We have been relatively lucky in that we have been able to get around in our Landi 4x4. Those low gears and diff lock work wonders.

'Dilly' the Defender before the snow came.

One result of the snow has been to confine some our daily Dog Walks to around the town for a few days with the result that we have been able to view one or two  'odd ' Snowmen.

Against the next two examples, my 1 minute Ugly Snowman looks pathetic.  

Very Special!

This Magnificent Geometric Snowman is a work of art but sadly the local, (presumably jealous), Hooligans destroyed it overnight. 

Do Please Come In!

This Elegant Ecclesiastical Snowman is at the 'Meet & Greet' spot outside of The Church of St Terasa. I hope his survival is extended to the eventual thaw. 

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