Tuesday, 6 May 2014

All Morgans' Day at Waddesdon Manor Planning Day

Each time we hold a Morgan Rally at Waddesdon Manor a few of us make a visit to see if everything is where we expect it to be and get approval for our plans.

The Rally Plaque that all of our 'Booked Morgan Owners' will receive on arrival. 

This year we were informed that there is a new Public Car Parking area preventing visitors from driving close to the manor, so our quest today was to establish how this would work out for our exhibiting cars.

 Entering The Waddesdon Estate

I wonder who Philip is chatting to?

Philip and I arranged to meet with Waddesdon Events Manager, Marie near to this gate. Marie would be walking us through the new procedures. 
I did not realise that she had driven in at the same time as us.  

In my usual cheeky fashion I get Marie to Pose with Philip so that our whole team can see who we have been dealing with all of this time.

 We both follow Marie to the Closed Gates that all of our Morgans will have to pass through. All of the National Trust workers here have sensors fitted to automatically open the locked entry gates. Random Visitors would have to press a request speaker box button.

 There are the gates ahead, closed as they always are when our team arrive early in the morning on the actual day.

 For Marie, 'Sods Law' prevails as it often does when one is demonstrating and her sensor does not work. She has to use the request button. 

One of the pleasures in displaying at Waddesdon is making the long drive in on the winding road as it twists and turns, climbing the hill on its way up to the Fountain at the head of the Main Drive. 

 Waddesdon was built on top of this hill to give commanding views across the countryside. 
Imaging making this journey to work each day.

This scenic drive begins at the bottom right of the plan and climbs to the Blue Spot which is the Fountain. We then turn Right and drive to the Manor on the North Avenue. 

 We are almost at the fountain. Its is just around the next corner.

This shot of the fountain was taken on the way out. Unfortunately, the water is not turned on today.

 Once we have turned the corner, the full magnificence of Waddesdon Manor is set there before you. Today the Estate is closed to the Public so we are free to do some planning and discuss where we have to locate our Exhibitors Gazebos etc. 
On these days the staff park where we will be displaying our Morgans on 25th May. 

Work Done, Philip and I head for home as I try one of my random Reverse Shots over my head. This time it comes out Ok.

 The exit drive is the top road on the plan and is much shorter. 

 The exit gates are the same as before but this year they are kept closed and open automatically for exiting cars only.

 Waddesdon Church is opposite the exit onto the main road.

We complete the loop as we pass the entrance and the Five Arrows Hotel where we had our lunch before going in. Being a part of the Rothschilds 'Waddesdon Estate'. 

The Five Arrows represent the Five Rothschild Sons who were sent out across Europe to set up new Banks for the family.

 On the way back I enjoy visiting the Chilterns towns of Wendover & Great Missenden. Here I approach Wendover from the County Town of Aylesbury

 On the left is the Red Lion Hotel which has been in the news recently because they employ Dolly Saville, the oldest working Waitress who became 100 years old this year.

 Just about to turn left here and leave the village

 After a few miles of Country roads I arrived in Great Missenden. Once again I am impressed that these Chilterns Villages actively celebrate St Georges Day and have their flags flying a few weeks either side of 23rd April.

I enjoy the Flags as I leave Great Missenden and head off down more lanes across country to Beaconsfield.


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