Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Sunday 4th I Made a Short Trip to get my H4H Tin

Having been to the Local Jolly Cricketers Village Pub on St Georges Day to Join in with their Celebrations, it was time to return to get my Help for Heroes collecting tin. 

I usually take the opportunity to make a circular tour of about 30 miles to give the mog a good warm up at the same time

I only took a few photos today.

I had already travelled to Denham, Rickmansworth and Little Chalfont without taking any photos (Far too busy enjoying the drive)  Here I am approaching the cross roads into Chalfont St Giles. The building in front is one of the many Public Houses that have closed and is now an Animal Doctors Centre (Vets)

 You may notice the straw bales on the left which boarder the Village Pond and the River Misbourne. It is difficult to imagine that only a few weeks ago this whole are was flooded. 

 Climbing through the village towards Seer Green

When I took this pic I thought it was Milton's Cottage (Below) , the once home of the famous poet John Milton. 
I was too early as the actual cottage is just part the red cottages on the right. I could not take a shot there due to oncoming traffic.

The New Gas Main has been holding up traffic along here for months.

 Seer Green and my stopping place is just around a few corners.

 Seer Green Church ahead where the parking problems begin

The Jolly Cricketers

 With such a Busy Pub in a small village I just managed to park on this corner.

I am alone in a Restaurant just vacated. In the bar in the next room it is heaving with people listening to live music. I was given a complimentary coffee, but not looking for anything free, I popped a £2 coin in the tin.

 Heading Home I took a short detour through Beaconsfield Old Town located on the Old A40 road from London to Oxford.

That is all for now.

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