Sunday, 18 May 2014

It has been a Strange Sort of Day -

This morning, I had a few urgent Jobs to do. Our All Morgans' Day at Waddesdon is fast approaching Next Sunday.

After the Exploding Porridge?

I completed the Small Badges that we all wear to Identify Ourselves to our Public. The camera has not done them justice as they are all the same solid colour of the one in the middle.

.I had to send out the last set of instructions to our Exhibitors which included my crude Estate Plans and Gazebo locations.

Oh to have a great Graphics Program and know how to use it. If I ever come this way again I will have to get myself one.

Then we were about to set off for our Daily Dog walk when a swarm of Wild Bees decided to look for a place to settle in our garden. It was a Mayhem of Swirling Bees until they all finally found the Queen.

You can just about see the inverted cone shape that they form as they hang onto each other to keep warm while waiting for the hunter bees to find a better place to nest.

The were still there when we returned form our walk some two hours later. While we were having our lunch in the garden, the began to swarm again, and suddenly they were gone over the trees.
The Queen and her Courtiers have left!

While on our walk we found a group of these Yellow Archangels

Back at the Pub where we have our coffee I spotted this advert for their Beer Festival next weekend. We may get to go on Monday after our Waddesdon Morgan Event on Sunday

100 Casks ! Some Beer.

Lastly, before I missed all of this lovely weather I took my freshly polished Mog out for a run. Sods Law prevailing I set off without my Camera so could not take any shots while on the road. My phone camera is sort of OK but difficult to download so only a couple of photos taken at Oakley Court Hotel even though I had been through Old Windsor where there are some Great views of the Castle as you drive down the High Street.

 If you fancy a Thames River Trip this Launch is for Group Hire.

 The River at the Oakley Court Hotel

 Hundreds of Midges the size of Crane Flies were swarming around this tree.

One of these days I will get a decent photo here - Finger in one and Haze from somewhere in the other? 

All In All - an Interesting Day in the Sunshine.

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