Monday, 4 February 2013

I had to go to Heathrow Today

Occasionally I have to go to Heathrow Terminal 5 on a Monday morning to meet my son from his Ba Flight from Amsterdam. 

Recently built, Terminal 5 is the easiest to get to and is very pleasant to have to wait in.

I usually allow enough time to buy a Newspaper and then seat myself in the Costa Coffee Lounge with a Capuchino to wait as it is located immediately opposite the Arrival Gate.

While sitting there this morning I began observing the Architecture inside the building, which prompted me to take a few more photos.

The Roof Structure above the Costa Coffee Shop

The Tower of London 'Beefeater' Welcome Walls.

A Red Lift Tower & A Green Lift Tower.

Maybe you would prefer to take the stairs?

Taxi?, No Abandoned Vehicle.

 You can never find a Trolley when you need one?

Now, There is a Smart Raincoat!

Plenty of seats available for those who have to wait.

Destinations Mural Outside.

 Entrance & Exit, to & from the Car Park Tower.

A Money Box - Available from the Krispy Kreme Coffee Shop 

Sunlight through the Glazed Wall - Marvelous to see some Sun today.

A City Jet just taking off near to Terminal 5. 

Looking Across the void to the Car Park Tower.

More of that Luscious Sunshine looking South down the void between the Terminal & the Car Parks.

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