Sunday, 3 February 2013

Time for Another Gripe early this Sunday

Before Setting Off - Fund Raising at Sainsburys

The Thames Valley Centre of the Morgan Sports Car Club of which I am a member, awarded me their Richard Thorne Trophy for the most collected for a Charity in the year 2012. -  £6881.02 

None of which would have been possible without the help of my good friend David Harris and the good friends who are also members of the Morgan Centenary Roadster 100 Register who supported the fundraising both individually and through helping organize the 'All Morgans Day' held at Waddesdon Manor, Bucks on June 24th 2012

The Magnificent 'Richard Thorne Charity Trophy'

This event was quite a surprise and a Joy as I had had so much difficulty getting any interest in my Quest from anyone in the MSCC before the 5017 Mile Solo Trip back in April Last Year.

Some of our Morgan friends & supporters at Waddesdon Manor

The Gripe is with the Main MSCC Club Magazine Miscellany, who's Editorial Staff have shown themselves to be an Ignorant (never responded to any of my requests) and a Self Serving Bunch (frequently publishing their own stuff and that of their mates). 

They chose to totally ignore my event, ignore my requests for an insert about my challenge and recently, ignored any of the trip photos I have sent them, of which there were plenty.

Just one of the many trip scenes sent in for assessment

I read just the other day that New Morgan Owners, of which there are hundreds each year, are probably 'individuals' and maybe that is why they they do not join the ' MSC Club'.

I have decided to become one of those types and not bother sending Miscellany items or photos ever again.

Miscellany is a good magazine, free to members, but sadly run by what seems to be an incestuous process controlled by a couple of people I would rather not give the opportunity of ignoring me ever again.

Miscellany Front Cover Feb 2013 

 Two Good Examples of  the sort of articles they publish each month

Thankfully, there are also many lovely people within the membership, and as members of some of the Centers, However, as far a 'The Club' hierarchy is concerned, it has only taken them 3 years to turn me from Enthusiastic Owner & Club Member to 'Just enjoy our Morgan'

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