Thursday, 7 February 2013

MY 2013 Help For Heroes Fund Raising Event is In Detailed Planning

Towards the end of 2012 I was trying to organise a Round English County Towns Relay using any means of transport requiring a team of about 45 people to Fund Raise for a Day each before passing on the Collecting Baton to the next County.

'The Baton' Made for me by my Good Engineer Friend Jim West

Sadly I have exhausted my contacts, including the H4H County Coordinators and believe it or not, could only raise interest from about eight people plus myself. That was so disappointing, but maybe I was being too ambitious.

Last week, when the MSCC Club Magazine Miscellany dropped through the letterbox, inside was an article about a topic which has inspired me to go for another Solo Motoring Challenge.

Each year the motoring fraternity celebrates the Motor Car on the Sunday nearest to April 23rd by getting the Car out for the 'FBHVC Drive It Day'

Historical Overview from the Cornwall Austin Seven Club – By Doug Castle. 
In 1900,    In the summer of 1899, the Automobile Club Secretary (Later to become the RAC), Claude Johnson, conceived the idea of a trial, to be in the form of a rally rather than a race, which was banned on the highway in Britain.  

The trial would be a series of daily runs of up to 100 miles that would test the driver's patience and skill, but more importantly the design, construction and reliability of the cars.  There would also be exhibitions in the main towns along the way, to try and convince the population of the pleasures and reliability of the motor-car and overcome the prejudices.  

This Hero Events Schematic Route plan is a Modern Version following a similar route.

 The itinerary was now in place for the event to run from April 23rd to May 12th 1900.  The final route would comprise 11 days of driving between 61½ and 122¾ miles, the total distance being 1060 miles.  There would be 4 hill-climb competitions, with Shap being the only optional one, an optional speed trial, with 7 all-day exhibitions, 6 short exhibitions during the day runs and 3 arranged for evenings.

The trial was not intended to be a pleasant and leisurely run but a true test of the car and driver under many differing road and weather conditions, with the hill-climbs and speed trial timed and average speeds calculated.  In the quaint terminology of the time motoring was referred to as 'the field of automobilism', owners and drivers were either 'automobilists or autocarists', and mechanics were known as 'mechanicians'.  

The cars were open to the weather even though most had a pram-hood, but no windscreen, which afforded little protection to the driver and passenger, who had to be suitably dressed in 'autocoats', hats and goggles.  
Extracts Copyright of Doug Castle

Here is an example of the type of car available in 1900

My New Grande Plan 
I have decided that here is the perfect Motoring Challenge for me and the Green Goddess to do over 11 days sticking as close as I can establish to the Original Route and Stopping Places. 

Some locations have been re developed since 1900 so another Local Ideal Stopping Place will need to be investigated 

These will be selected stopping points where I hope to be able to Fund Raise for a couple of hours using my Baton Tins, above, and all funds raised will be posted into a new Bmycharity Website, yet to be established, where on line donations may be made

Unlike the Hero Plan, I would not be using any motorways to make the journey. 

The original route commenced in Central London at Hyde Park Corner, finishing at Marble Arch and Whitehall. I plan to pick up the A4 at Slough where I will drive west following the old A4 to Bristol for Day1.  I plan to pass through Marble Arch and Whitehall on the Last Day turning for home again at Slough. 

Where the original trial held Rest Days and Exhibitions, I will keep going for the 11 Days in succession making as much time available to Fund Raise along the route.

Hopefully I will be able to decorate the car again with Help for Heroes Logo for High Awareness  

I also intend to continue this Blog on a daily basis with appropriate photos taken along the way added for general interest. All I need is lots of Luck again and some decent weather.

Here is Hoping for Lots of Support.

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