Monday, 18 February 2013

Morgan Run Out in Fabulous Weather Yesterday

It was great tto be able to take the covers off and take the Mog out for a 42 mile drive around the Chilterns yesterday.

My route out of home was through the town to the south and along the A40 to pick up the A413 at Higher Denham for the run back through the Chalfonts and Old Amersham to take the London Road spur through the village of Great Missenden.

The roads around here do not seem to have numbers so on the way out of the village, the Rignall Road spur to the left takes you though the countryside on the way towards Cadsden and the town of Princes Risbourough. Just as you enter Cadsden, on the left down a small road is The Plough, public house where I made a stop for coffee. I am sorry about the quality of the Mobile Phone photos. I am not sure if it was the shadow against the strong sunlight??

The Plough was made famous recently where our auspicious Prime Minister and Friends were said to have left his daughter as the headed back to the nearby Chequers, the weekend country seat of sitting PM's

My thirst sated and a visit to inspect the plumbing and I was on my way again to the town of Princes Risborough

Before setting out on my way back from here, though the country lanes to the villages of Great Kingshill, Hazelmere and Penn, I took a diversion for a run up the Kop Hill of the Veteran Hill Climb route which added a bit of fun to the afternoon.

PS. I discovered the cause of the poor photos!! - A Dirty Phone Camera Lens - Doh!!

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