Friday, 1 March 2013

A Frosty Morning at Beaconsfield Services

One morning last week I had to deliver my son to the fairly new Beaconsfield Services area on the M40 where he was being met.

These services run by 'Extra' are quite handy in that they are on a Junction (2) roundabout with the A355 meaning that us local may pop in and out for a visit, as many do, to the various eating facilities there.

At the rear in the recess between the buildings is a nice patio area for sitting out with a coffee and bun. Useful for the smokers.  They have also created a very nice lake full of Koi Carp with lots of Ducks there as well.

The path around the lake is the Dog Walking Area and there is a nice new Children's Play area within its own fenced compound.

I took a stroll around with Digby Dog on this cold an frosty morning. No Fish visible and the Ducks were enjoying the morning sunshine.

Sorry about the finger in the photos. I must be more careful next time.

The mist was hanging the the forest behind, from which they carved out these services when they were built.

No Children here this morning??

Some of the very cold Ducks enjoying the morning sunshine.
It was great to see some sun after weeks of rain and recent snow.

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