Friday, 1 March 2013

A Rare Visit (for me) into Town on Wednesday

Now that I am retired and SWMBO hates the place I very rarely visit nearby (25miles) London Town.

We have a good rail service from Beaconsfield to Marylebone and an Off Peak Travel Card (unlimited use of the Underground and Red Buses) costs just a few pence under £20. Mind you, I was amazed today that my 11.30am train was 'Standing Room Only' all the way, but then it is half term this week.

I only had to go into the west end for a 2pm meeting from which I had to return immediately so no time for sightseeing. However, as I went from Piccadilly to my meeting and back I took a few snaps along the way.

I have to say that I did not take a photo of Eros due to the fact that the whole are was surrounded by lots of very dodgy looking characters, and I was afraid that I may have had my phone snatched there. 

London has become a not so nice place to roam comfortably these days. Take away the commuters and make your own mind up! 

I did not travel far from Piccadilly today.

So here are the pics I took 

Looking Through The Arches at Air Street

Along Piccadilly towards Eros at the Circus.

Piccadilly towards the West

The almost daily Antiques Etc Market in front of the Church

 Jermyn Street of Bespoke Shirt Making Fame.

One of the Arcades

One of the Narrower Passages 

 The Jermyn Street Entrance to Fortnum & Masons Restaurant

The RAC Club. I popped in here to enquire about the 1900 Thousand Mile Trial Route for my trip.

St James Palace. Difficult to photograph with the heavy traffic.

a Difficult to take photo of the Virgin Space Explorer.

 I think that this chap is Beau Brummel

Princes Arcade

The Entrance to Burlington Arcade on Piccadilly

One of Fortnum & Masons Windows.

Happy days

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