Friday, 15 March 2013

Just An Update on This & That

My Thousand Mile Trial planning is well under way. I have secured agreement with 11 of the 23 requested locations where I can fund raise for a few hours at Sainsbury's and Asda Stores.

Once Red Nose Day has passed I will get back to phoning them all again (the phone bill will be high this quarter). They are busy people with only one contact at each store.

I will need to get the balance right as the 100ish miles drive do involve at least one or two major Cities to drive through each day.

My accommodation is all booked now. So just some work to get the Car ready, Plaster it with Stickers, pack in half of the clobber I took last time and hopefully all will be well at home and health wise to set off on 29th April.

The local Newspaper put a nice piece in this week to give me some local advertising and hopefully, I will be able to arrange a local fund raising day at the Town Hall during the week before I set off.

On Monday I was at Heathrow Terminal 5 again strolling around, waiting, when I noticed the  Entrance the the large hole in the ground which in the entrance to the Heathrow Express.

As if I could have missed this sign before?

The Ticket Machines

Information Board

The Access Hall

 Looking down to the Lower Level Lifts.

Lastly, During another Dog Walking Day at Hedgerley.

The more we enjoy our dog walking, the more we seem to notice there. As Spring is upon us the Deer and Muntjacs are more active and can often be seen feeding.  There are at least two Foxes that we see regularly but the lack of a good camera with telephoto lens prevents getting an good pictures as most of them scarper if they see us. The Young Stag above sporting his new furry antlers just stood and watched go by.

Can you see the two deer grazing in the field?

I decided to take the Church in Glorious Sunshine then Sod's Law prevailed and a cloud took over.

There is a Muntjac in this pic somewhere - Like finding Wally

This pair of Ducks have begun to visit the pond.

Who denuded the Willow and emptied the pond weed? Quite a change?

How it used to look?

I cannot see that beautiful Weeping Willow Tree surviving such a viscous pruning. Only time will tell.

Primroses pushing through the footpath. Tough little plants.

Metcalf Farm is about to get a lovely display of daffodils.

Lastly, a Mystery in the Woods.

This is the pond that never fills. Out in the wood the little stream has been running for months with Gallons per Hour going in, but the pond never fills???

There must be an Aquifer under there somewhere but there are no lakes nearby? Perhaps the Water Board are drawing off more than it can provide somewhere?


  1. You have really got the hang of this Blogging lark

    1. Thanks Steve.

      I actually enjoy doing it. I am trying tomake it interesting as I am amazed how many people look at it from a wide range of countries (my front Google Blogger Page provides lots of stats. I am almost at 10000 page views which is great.

      Unfortunately I have had to start a new one for the 1000 Mile Rally so that the H4H info page does not take viewers to the likes of this page.

      Thanks for your interest and for commenting