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My Help for Heroes 1000 Mile Rally Route Maps

Here below is the route plan for my Help for Heroes 1000 Mile Rally Charity Run which is booked to take place from the 29th April to finish on 9th May. The Circles identify place where I plan to stop and hopefully Fundraise at SuperStores where I am currently seeking permission to stop for a couple of hours at each.

There will also be a number of 'Drive Throughs' of the City Centres and some possible visits to places of interest that the 1900's drivers visited. There were also four Hill Climbs on their route, mostly along the journey but at least two were diversions off of the main route. I will try and find those hills and drive them as well. Shap fell was an option in 1900 but as it is away from the main route I will not be going there.

As you study the route you may ask yourself ' Why such a convoluted route switching back and forth across the country'. 
I have no idea why other than to guess that organizer Claude Johnson, The Automobile Club and the Entrants themselves, would have some very influential friends living in these areas where they could make stops and get lots of help with their publicity for the Motor Car which was one of their objectives. There is a Book, which I have not yet read, about the Thousand Mile Trial, written by Elizabeth Bennett selling on Amazon for around £60.

Map 1 - Day One.
Beaconsfield to Slough to pick up the old A4 Road to Bristol

Map 2 - Day One.
Along to Bristol after a Visit to Bath and onto Cheltenham tomorrow

Map 3  - Day Two.
Cheltenham to Worcester via the Morgan Factory in Malvern - Birmingham to Tamworth overnight - Day Three onto Derby & Matlock

Map 4 - Day Three.
Buxton to Stockport and then Manchester overnight - Onto Wigan in the morning. 

Map 5 - Day Four.
To Preston, Lancaster and into the Lakes at Kendal - Windermere overnight

Map 6 - Day Five.
Windermere To Keswick, Cockermouth & Carlisle overnight. Then onto Gretna, Moffat and Peebles the next day.

Map 7 - Day Six.
Into Edinburgh and Mussleburgh overnight then on to Dunbar, Eyemouth and Berwick on Tweed in the morning.

Map 8 - Day Seven.
Berwick on Tweed to Alnwick, Morpeth and Newcastle overnight, then onto Durham and Darlington the next day.

Map 9 - Day Eight & Nine.
Nothallerton to York and across to Leeds and Wetherby overnight. Harrogate, Bradford, Hudderfield and Sheffield for the next night. 

Map 10 - Day Ten.
Sheffield to Lincoln via Welbeck Park. Then Nottingham overnight. Onto Leicester and Northampton on my last day in the morning.

Map 11 -  Day Eleven.
Blechley, Dunstableand St Albans before the drive into Central London through Grosvenor Place, the Original 1900 Starting Point and then along Whitehall where the Original 1900 Trial finished.
Lastly, back out of London along the old A4 to Slough before turning North and to Home.

 Map 12 - Day Eleven.
A More Detailed Map of the Central London Routes.

So that is my version of the 1900 Thousand Mile Rally Route. My version of the route is 1282 miles long at the moment with my diversions and may prove to be longer during the actual journey.

I hope you enjoyed studying the maps.

If you would like to support my event by donating to Help for Heroes to support me you can do this easily at my Help for Heroes website here:

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