Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Our Potholed Lane was Repaired Today

Potholes - The Failed Manhole Raised above Sunken Concrete Road Plates  

With around 50 potholes of various size which have formed over the years, including two major defects caused by heavy builders lorries breaking the concrete plates which form the roads bed, the County Council sent in the Repairs Team today .

The Raised Manhole which Thumps my Suspension when I Drive Over it.

 The Broken and Sunk Concrete Plates laid in the early 1950's

 Missing Thin Asphelt Laid of 30 Years ago Exposing the Concrete 

It was good to see the road empty of the usual Commuter Parking today and everyone responding to the Windscreen Notices and cooperating by parking elsewhere. 

The Repair Team were there reasonably early and got on with their work.

I was not quick enough with the camera to get better photos as I was watching them and expecting more machinery to come into view.

The 'Jet Patcher' Asphalt Spraying Machine 

I am no engineer, but I believe that this machine is a new system that the county seems to be proud of buying.

Using the Spraying Nozzle

The Process used with this machine seems to have only been in 3 steps.

1. Man with a blower, blows the dirt out of the potholes.

2. Man operating big 2 part pipe at the end of the lorry, liberally sprays the chippings mix into the hole and all around it and then spays some liquid (Pitch?) around the chippings.

3. Man with the blower, blows the excess chippings off of the footpath.

Then they drive forward to the next hole.

Strangely there was no sign of a roller to flatten it out. I assume it is left for the vehicles to do that.

I have never seen this type of pothole filling around the area, yet?

It does not look very durable and is somewhat messy, but only time will tell.

The Raised Manhole in the earlier photo is still quite a Hump to drive over.

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