Friday, 15 February 2013

The Power of a Young Dog.

Today, which was a lovely Spring Like Day began badly for me!!

Digby, our dog, always runs the same route around our garden first thing in the morning at Greyhound Racing speed.. 

I let him out and followed him with the jug of Peanuts on my way to top up the Bird Feeder.

Before I got there, I must have crossed his normal route. 

I suddenly, in an instant, found myself whisked off of my feet, horizontally, into the air before crashing to the ground smacking my Head, Shoulder, Hip, Wrist and Ankle onto the Brick Patio. Peanuts all over the place. ( Just the way it happens when a Skier runs into someone and knocks them off of their feet.) 

At 69, this is not a great idea at any time. I lay there concussed for a few minutes before trying to get up, wet and covered in slime from the winter muck on the bricks (about to be professionally cleaned at the weekend.).

Hopefully there will be no lasting damage but I am feeling rather sore where I landed with a stiff neck to help limit my flexibility, so an afternoon in bed, with Digby taking half of the available space, has wasted a gloriously sunny day.. 

Digby has been very loving all day, probably recognising that there was a little problem. (Sweet). 

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