Saturday, 18 May 2013

Bearwood College Classic Car Show Today

Bearwood College at Winnerish Berkshire's PTA has held this classic car Show for four years now and this year is by far the largest in terms of visitors.
The PTA is very active throughout the year with a variety of fund raising events and this year, the charity they were supporting was the Air Ambulance.

The Green Goddess in the mix.

Last year we were parked on the South Terrace on the sunny side of the building but this year we were placed in the mix in the centre on the North Side.  
Our roof was up because we took our Dog Digby with us and he is not that keen on a top down ride in the back of the Mog.

The south Terrace this year was taken by the very popular local Barkham & District Classic Car Club from near by Wokingham .

There membership includes a wide range of models including these 3 Morgan Four Wheelers and the lovely red F Type Three Wheeler, above.

Among the exhibits was this one wrapped in Silver. It amazes me how these experts manage the shapes without any hint of a wrinkle or pleat.

On of my Favorites is this lovely Aston Martin with its extreme grill styling carried through to all Astons.

The next three are also Favorites and all in superb condition

One of the presenters was the 'Spoon Bender' Uri Geller. His special 1974 Cadillac was guarded all day by minders and eventually taken away in its own special transport.

More Morgans were scattered around the North Courtyard among the other marques.

 One of the Hot Rods on show.

 A Line of Jensens.

A Fringe Scooby Club of Impreza's in line

The Jaguar Owners parked on the Side Lawn.

There was a fine selection of Bikes on show with these specialist Speedway veterans set out here.

 Father & Son setting out for home with a group of four of these vinatge motorcycles.

The show has also the elements of a Garden Party with stall and side shows helping to raise funds for their chosen  charities.
Activities laid out on the Headmasters Lawn

Two Jolly Sumo Wrestlers having a laugh.

 The Archers were in good form

The Jazz Band played all afternoon.

The school estate contains a large woodland just right for our dog walk.

 The lake contained some of the college Sailing Club Dingys at sail 

The South Facade from the lake.

As the day draws ro a close we have our last cup of tea and pack ready for the homeward run. 

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