Sunday, 5 May 2013

Day 5 Bowness on Windermere to Carlisle

After a good night' sleep I woke to what is known a typical Lakes weather; Mist and Low Clouds. While having breakfast, the rain started. 

 Dining Room in the Freyer Garden Hotel.

 The Front Garden & Drive.

 Getting Mog ready to leave. Do I take the Hood Down? Yes I do,

 The Rear Garden and a view to the Lake Windermere.

 Another quick Photo before setting off up into the Hills. The first climb of the day, over the top on Dunmail Raise, was one other of the 1900 Rally Hill Climbs. I wonder what the road layout looked like then?

I elected to take the first left and drop down to the Lakeside near to the Hawkshead Ferry. It is some 25 years since I was last here on holiday with the family. I was surprised to hfind our hotel just a little way along the road. The Freyer Garden Guests have the use of their Spa facilities.

 The various Ferry and Pleasure Craft Jetties.

 Our old Hotel ahead - The Old England

We were soon going out of Bowness and on through Ambleside, heading for Keswick.

It was probably due to the inclement weather but the roads and the streets were very quiet.

Leaving the town I could see that the clouds base was very low.

Passing a bridge through which water between Grasmere & Thirlmere passes. 

It was not long before the Tour Bus began to slow down our progress just as the rain began to increase. There was no where to pass or to stop.

Travelling along the edge of Thirlmere.

Now that we are out of the Towns we begin the climb over the Dunmail Rise 1900 Hill Climb which is now a modern road but still very steep as it climbs for a few miles.

 Dunmail Rise is one of the four Hill Climbs that the 1900's cars managed.
Back then the road was probably very windy with lots of bends reducing the effect of the slope. It was probably quite a rough road surface as well. 
Nearing the Top

Here the Cloud Base is really Low and the Rain is lashing down now.

 One of my speciality 'Over the Head 'shots looking back down the hill. When I hold the camera above my head I have no idea what I will take. This is one of the better ones.

 Over the top and heading down now towards Keswick.

Now we are running along the edge of Derwent Water

 Now its raining cats and dogs and I need to get the hood up as everything is getting soaked including me, but no where to stop?

The Road switches at Keswick to run along the west side of Bassenthwaite Lake.

It was but a short run now into Cockermouth Sainsbury's where I was met by Charities Coordinator Ella Holdsworth and her assistant who had prepared a parking spot opposite my Fund Raising position within the main entrance.

Ella's Camera Battery was faulty so she loaned mine to take the next five photos.

This little chap is typical of the Many Small Children who are so keen to donate and claim their Mini Wristband and Medal Sticker.

Ella is proud of her Community Notice Board. 
I took the opportunity to photograph the store form another angle and said my farewells before setting off for Carlisle.

On arrival at Carlisle Sainsbury's New Store I was met by Elizabeth Graham, the Help for Heroes County Coordinator for Dumfries & Galloway who was standing in for Barbara Keen, the Cumbria Coordinator. 

To say that Elizabeth is a Morgan Fan is an understatement.

Elizabeth and Volunteer Tony Richardson had set up stall in the very large foyer and been in action fundraising before I arrived. Their stall combined with the excellent generosity of the customers became the catylist for the highest and unbeatable total collected.

They had arrange to have me park the Morgan inside the Foyer (that would have been a first) but sadly the holder of the Key, needed to remove the Bollards to gain access, was away that day.

Charities Coordinator Ruth Quin was not in today so I have just added her Notices Board.

During the Afternoon, Tony told me that there was a National Level Car Rally taking place over the weekend from Carlisle City Centre. The cars were being prepared at Carlisle Racecourse where they located their headquarters. I decided to pop along after Fund Raising to see what was going on. It is known as 'The Pirelli' supporting the Richard Burns Foundation, set up following Richards Death at 24 from Brain Tumour.

The next series of photos were taken at the racecourse.
In typical Lomax Fashion as I approached the course, I followed a car through gate, receiving the 'What the Hell are You Doing Here' looks form the group of Marshalls at the gate.
I was now in the queue of entrants being Scrutineered.

I beat a hasty retreat into the puplic park on the opposite side of the road.

These Converted Army Land Rovers and their Military Teams had recently competed in the Hero Rally in Hampshire starting from the Brooklands Track and utilising the old Tank Ranges near Farnborough. 

Heading back to my Hotel on the Darkening Rainy evening I pass the ,now lit, store once again. 

Donations today are:
Cockermouth - £129.30
Carlisle          - £350.39
                      - Magnificent Totals from both stores. Thank you Cumbria.

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