Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Day 3. Birmingham to Manchester, Fallowfield

Wow! What a day I have had! - Glorious Weather and Warm. A good nights sleep and a Lovely Breakfast in the magnificent Kitchen Diner of the B&B ( Hunting Lodge, Not Manor House) and off I set for Derby Sainsbury's The Owner donated 20% of my fee to Help for Heroes as well which was fantastic.
What a lovely bed! I may just get back in and forget the driving.

The Green Goddess has been give a light dusting and we are ready to leave.

The Sat Nav has given me one of the best days driving I could have asked for. It told me to avoid the direct A38 to to Derby due to road works and Heavy Traffic. It then took me on a glorious circular tour through pretty villages and across wonderful open country side and traffic less driving most of the way.

The last time I was in the area it was Road Gritting Time and here we are again. Thankfully I fitted a new set of Dave Welling Designed Rear Chip Guards thanks to some great material from Keith Hofgartner. Even at 10 mph the pieces of grit were rattling under the car. Not to worry as it came to an end soon as we passed the men getting ready for a new section today.

 On the left apeared to be a new plantation of the latest crop of Willow used for Biomas Boilers. It grows fast and can be harvested almost like corn.  - 

 Someone out for an early morning stroll.

 One very narrow bridge across a river.

 Once I was back in Derbyshire I was soon at my Sainsbury's stop for the first fund raising of the day if almost an hour later than intended.. 

It was almost a disaster for me as I had to prove that I had actually been booked in. There seems to be a disjoint between the person one Charities Coordinator who makes the booking and the staff there when the day arrives. 

Once sorted my 3 hours was reduced to 2,1/2 hours in the Hot Glass Greenhouse where I was asked to stand. No one had previously mentioned the man who would be there trying to sell Sky TV contracts outside. The customer base there were all very nice people.  

The next stage of my journey to Stockport, Manchester involved a fabulous drive along the Derwent Valley passing through Matlock Bath, Matlock, Bakewell and Buxton. I have driven it before a few times but it is a pleasure to do it again. Going North is a better in my
than South.

 A Old Mill Building at Belper.

A view across to the Hills.

 Another Mill near Matlock Bath 

 Down through the Riverside Gorge popular with Rock Climbers.

 The Biker Meeting Place at Matlock Bath. On Sundays there can be hundreds there.

Into Matlock Town itself.

My next task after passing through Bakewell was to find the small village of Taddington near to Haddon Hall NT.....

 Daffodills lining the road to Haddon Hall.

 Approaching Taddington along the original main road through the village.

 The next three photos tell the tale. During the 1900 Thousand Mile Trial there were 4 hill climbs featured along the way. This is the only one which has not been included into a Major Road. So in the spirit of the event I drove the hill. 

Nearing the top it is even steeper making me wonder how these old cars got up there.

The views from the top were magnificent as I made my way back down to the village, where I met a curios resident who wanted to know what I was up to.

Messing about over, I made my way to the Stockport Store where I was to be met with even more intransigence. Again the Coordinator was not there an it took a conversation with the manager to agree to let me collect. 

My Frustration boiled over when I was told that I could not stand atthe usual spot in the doorway I had to stand halfway down the store where the people using only three checkouts would pass by me. 

I objected and the giant 6ft 10in Manager was called to come and exert his authority. 

I explained everything but I might as well talk to the wall. Some one had been given the pitch near the door to sell 'Paint Ball Days'.  What the hell has that to do with Charity Giving I will never know! At Derby there was a man there trying to sell Sky TV contracts but that did not prevent me being there as well.

Note the Difference.
Derby       - £ 77. 93 (at the front door)
Stockport - £ 47.55 (mostly collected at the door before the Manager 'collared' me) 
The sad thing is that the people were lovely and seemed keen to donate. A Lost Opportunity.

It is the first time I did not photograph the store front before I left. 

My hotel at Manchester University Fallowfield

Just to finish, some period photos found on the Hotel Walls.

So Its a Good Night from Me and a Good Night from Him!

Let us hope that tomorrow is a more Reasonable Day.

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