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Day 10 - Sheffield to Nottingham

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I am hoping that today will prove interesting as I am hoping to find Welbeck Park and Abbey, a part of the 'Dukeries' on my way out to the City of Lincoln for my only fund raising opportunity today. I intend to stay there for 4 to 5 hours.

During the 1900 Thousand Mile Trial, the cars made a visit to Welbeck and Clumber Parks. Here the cars used the park roads to perform a series of Speed Trials. I will be lucky if I can even gain access to Welbeck. 

Welbeck Abbey

The estate for Welbeck Abbey was first mentioned in the Domesday Book and eventually came into the hands of the first Duke of Newcastle. In the 18th century, it passed through an heiress into the Bentinck family and became the main seat of the Earls and Dukes of Portland. The reclusive 5th Duke of Portland undertook substantial building works at the Abbey including a network of tunnels between the house and riding school and, it's claimed, towards Worksop.

The descendents of the Cavendish Bentinck family still live on the estate and until recently, the Abbey was leased to the Ministry of Defence as an army training college. Visitors can acces parts of the estate including the Harley Gallery near the Welbeck Farm Shop. You can also learn about local produce and food at the School of Artisan Food
Before leaving the Hotel I decided to have a look around the interesting garden and buildings. I was fascinated by the antics of the ducks as they postured for locations to sleep on the extensive lawns. Typically they all wanted to be in the same small area.

The Mog is packed and ready to go. Then I notice the road to the older part of the Hotel, so I set off to explore again.

The gateway to the old house end of the Hotel.

Mog at the Original Front Door.

It began raining as I left to drive through Sheffield driving eastwards, so the hood would remain up for the time being.

I had to chuckle to myself as I drove along this road. In the original 1900 guide books Claude Johnson instructs the drivers to ' Avoid Driving along the Tram Lines' and here I am doing just that!!

It is amazing that driving into and out of Sheffield I never saw a single tram?

My first 'Brick Whatsit' of the day is a Dust Cart.

I spotted the signs for  'Clowne', home of one of my sponsors, Steve, who has had all of my Banners and Stickers made for me for three years in succession now. 
You can see how fantastic they are in the many photos in this Blog and in last years Around Britian's Coast Roads Blog. 
I had to make a small divertion and take a drive through the village.

I rescued a part of one of Steve's Company stickers from last years trip so that at least he received a little promotion for his generous donations. If you are in need of Valves of all sorts look him up using the link below.

As I approached this Low Bridge I was fascinated to see the 'curtain of chains' used to indicate to oncoming  vehicles that they were too tall.

As I rounded the corner I spotted the gateway to Welbeck Park which was open so I decided to just drive in until someone stopped me.

The roadway divides in to two directions. Right into the Garden Centre and left to the specialist areas.

This area of the massive Welbeck Estate contains a series of buildings whos uses in the past are unknown to me.

Behind me is a massive square building which was an indoor riding school accessed by an underground tunnel. Apparently, Welbeck is a maze of tunnels.

I spotted this Black Pheasant feeding alongside the road. I stopped to take this quick photo and he just stood and watched me. 

The wall separated the Farm Shop area from the road I am on.

I leave Welbeck to drive the southern road towards Lincoln as it skirts the Welbeck Lakes where I am hoping to see some of the Silver Deer in the park.

One of the seemingly many empty Estate Cottages.

The Welbeck Lakes but no deer in sight.

The road to Lincoln passes through the centre of Clumber Park, my next call. Apparently there is no Stately Home here any more as it was demolished some years ago. Probably a victim of the dreaded Inheritance Tax. Clumber Park, being another of the Dukeries used to be the Deer Park to Welbeck Abbey. The owners of both parks being Cousins.

The Clumber Park Mews and Stables. All that is left of the original buildings.

Heading for the Clumber exit gate heading for Lincoln again.

On the way I have to cross a Toll Bridge for the Princely Sum of 39p, Donated to Help for Heroes by the Toll Keeper.

I was soon in the car park of the Sainsbury's Lincoln store where I met with Charities Coordinator Natasha Barte. I was immediately impressed by this massive escalator. 
Also, in the car park as I arrived I was met by Val and Roger Brumfield and their Grand Daughter, who were with our Roadster 100 group in Worcestershire on the Blossom Run the previous weekend. Sadly, due to getting myself organised, I did not think to take a photo of us all together.

Natasha posing with the Mog.

A pair of proud local donators and ex service men. Here is pride in the Help for Heroes Tattoo

Following a long session Natasha said her farewells as she headed home and after another half hour I left to make my way to Nottingham. Before I did that I decided to drive into the center to get as close as I could in my limited time to the Cathedral.

This was my best opportunity for taking a photo

Delayed by a train this time.

I wondered what the history of this roadside Stand and Racecourse Listing Gantry was? Did the Racecourse one run along this road.

A Mixture of roads would take me on to Nottingham as the Sat Nav did its stuff.

Some impressive roadside Blossom.

I was soon driving into Bestwood Park where my hotel for the night is located.

The Mog in the Hotel Car Park

The Lounge taken from the Gallery Walkway.

The Bestwood Lodge Hotel.

Tucked up for the night once again.

Fund Raising Today at Lincoln today - £114.66.

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