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Day 4 Manchester to Kendal (Bowness on Windermere)

Day 4 Manchester to Kendal (Bowness on Windermere)

First an apology for the lateness of the next few Day Blogging. I lost two days due to lack of WiFi and I probably will not manage a 'catch up' all in one day. 

In addition I have to empty two cans and 'Cash Up' the contents so that they are ready to use in the morning. A pressure I did not have on the last trip. 

Finding time to go to a Bank has also phased me a little. Never Mind, we have been in worse fixes. 

So onto the Day 4 comments, Now where was I?

Hail to the new Sat Nav. I needed to get from my very comfortable home for the night and go across central Manchester to Wigan and the onto Preston. 

The Chancellors Hotel as it suggests is in the middle of Manchester University Campus. It was originally the home of Sir Joseph Whitworth, an Engineer, who invented the Whitworth Thread System. 

He bequeathed it to a relative who then bequeathed it to the University as a home for the Chancellor. It was extended when it was converted into the Hotel.

 A Boarded Up Building in a Park.
 Just getting out of the infamous Moss Side Area.
The Royal (Fosters) Brewery. Visitors who use the Main Road in use it as a Waymark.

The chosen route was grid locked so Ms Sat Nav offered me an alternative faster route which I accepted. Straight through Moss Side / Whaley Edge, the Gun Toting area of Manchester Gang Warfare. Fortunately for me, they were probably all in still in bed.  

 Getting out of Manchester during Rush Hour.

 Along the Inner Ring Road.

 Through Wigan Town Center

 A Sedate drive into Preston

The store was in a nice spot but had a very mixed customer base so donations were quite light by comparison. That can also be deceiving as more donators in another place proved to be the lowest in total.

Arrival at Sainsbury's Preston Store.

 The Mog in the Car Park. In the background is the Preston North End Football Stadium, located alongside an austere Church building. It would be a fair guess to speculate which has the larger congregation.

Driving out of Preston after doing my stint there, I spotted  Fulwood Barrackes, where the soldier of the Duke of Lancaster Regiment is based.

A soon as I left Preston, there was the traffic jam designed to make me late.

 Coming into Lancaster

 The City Chambers (you may have noticed this same shot in the Coastal Trip Blog)
Queen Victoria's Statue

Lancaster was a chaos of road works and diversions. It took me three circuits before I found the entrance to Sainsbury's annoying a few locals on the way.
As I entered the store I noticed the prominent Community Notice board with lots of activities reported. Sylvia the Coordinator met me and immediately arranged with John to get me a prime parking spot in a Disabled Bay.

 John with the Green Goddess.
The Life of Pi, DVD is currently on promotion complete with Lemon Promotional Ballons. I witnessed this ballon fight just inside the door. Lancaster is a Fun Store as well as a serious business,

Sylvia with Mog.

 The essential Close Up shot.

I had a very pleasant 3 hours of fund raising before setting off for Bowness on Windermere via Kendal in the Lake District National Park. I was just about to make a left turn to go over this river bridge.

Through these few photos it is possible to see that the Old roads used in 1900 are still being used today. In other plaace small adjustments have left such as Lay Byes alongside straightened roads.

Once I passed through Kendal, I took the twisty but picturesque Crook Road to Bowness on Windermere. 

 A Sea of Daffodil's at the Apex of this bend.

I arrived at Bowness and made my way to the Freyer Garden Hotel where I was able to phone my friend Hugh, to arrange to see him at his home in Elterwater.

Heading out through Bowness.

 Views taken across Lake Windermere into the evening sun.

 Going through the town of Ambleside

 Elterwater, towards my friend Hugh's home.

 Elterwater itself.

 The Brittania Inn, after our meal.

I had not seen Hugh for well over 15 years since we worked in China together. We said our farewells and hoped to meet again in a lesser period of time. I drove the Mog in darkness along the winding twisted narrow roads back to Bowness enjoying every bend and bump.

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