Friday, 17 May 2013

Day 9 - Leeds to Sheffield

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Today would take me Fund Raising at Three Stores. Two in Harrogate and one in Bradford. 

This would be the most challenging day as I needed to limit each to about 2 hours so that I could fit in the driving time as well.

The driving distance just happened to be the shortest of the whole trip. I have no idea what the 1900 participants were doing on this day. I imaging that they were having an easy day moving between the two country houses of friends. If any any reader knows otherwise I would be interested to know. 

 Here I am packed and ready to leave my Wetherby Hotel to head out towards Harrogate where more traffic jams would hold me back again. 

These homes of local stone in the Car Park must have been Staff Quarters.

 The road to Harrogate was very busy as I was driving during the local rush hour.

On the move again.

At first I missed the turning into the first Sainsbury's Store and had to double back on myself.

This impressive Promotional Display spotted in the Harrogate Sainsbury's Foyer

The Greek Romanesque Style of the store suited Harrogate. The Mog had to stay here away from the entrance. I did very well collecting here in just 2 hours thanks to the kind customers.

Following a successful two hours of Fund Raising I set out for the ASDA Store in town.

I was soon on my way to the next store, this time in the centre of Harrogate.

The Harrogate Strand parkland near to the centre of town.

I soon found the Asda store and just managed to find this tight parking spot. Here we are with Community Life Champion Angela Smith who seems to be enjoying the photo shoot.

I spent the next two hours located in the lobby behind the ladies 

I could not leave Harrogate before a trip around the old town to find the Old Swan Hotel, famous for being the location where Agatha Christie hid from the public when she disappeared during part of her life. We had stayed there on a couple of occasions in the past so a coffee in sight of the Mog would also allow me to have my sandwich lunch.

This was a newspaper coverage of the disappearance 

The long corridor with display windows.

The historical event plaque

Another passageway and staircase.

The view from the front garden to the Harrogate Spa Bathouse down in the town centre.

Passing the Library Building on my way to Bradford over the hills.

An ornate Gateway from another era.

Tunnel driving not available in 1900.

The horse drawn transport still exists in use even today.

Bradford, with its Mill Building and Chimney is now visible in the distance.

The Asda store in Cemetery Road is brand new only opened in February. Here I would be doing and evening 2 hours due to arriving much later than I had planned.

Once fund raising was over I set off for Sheffield via the town of Holmfirth of 'Last of the Summer Wine' television show fame.

Another of the old 'Dark Satanic Mills'.

Along the valley road to Holmfirth.

Entering Holmfirth from the south east.

I just managed to get this quick shot of the two homes up the steps, of 'Nora Batty and Compo'

Obscured by the back of the car is the Tea House / Cafe where the lads met frequently during the show.

Heading out of town up to the hill tops.

Sunset scenes as dusk arrives part way through my journey.

Arriving Sheffield from the west side near to Hillsborough.

Ahead on the Right I can see the Arts Tower of the University where my Son Studied for many years to become an fully qualified Architect. The 19th floor, often accessed using the Paternoster Lift.

It was not long now before I arrive at my hotel for the night with just time to get a meal before the bar closed.

Funds Raised today
Harrogate  - Sainsbury's - £71.21
                   - Asda            - £37.65
Bradford    - Asda            - £44.99

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