Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Day 2 - Bristol to Birmingham - Sheepy Magna

I set off from the Hotel at Almondsbury nice and early for the run up to Chelenham via Gloucester to visit the Asda Superstore there .

Before I go there I need to say that yesterdays Blog was really too long. Today I too 126 photos and need to be more selective or I will never get to bed.

Yesterdays journey was 136 miles and today's was 122 miles.

These two photos indicate how difficult it is to take shots in Gloucester when negotiating traffic.

I arrived at the brand new Asda Store in Cheltenham to be met by a whole team of Help for Heroes Volunteers cordinated by H4H Area Coordinators Suzie Godwin and Barrie Murray-Upton who are good friends of mine.

Along with them was my other good friend and Roadster 100 Register founder David Harris. We had to squeeze the Green Goddess between those two bollards to park there.

Next I met with the two Asda Community Life Champions Syrita Clark and Jill Garland, two of the nicest people you coul hope to meet dong a fantastic job for their community as their board testifies.

Their performance boards with my event nicely presented at the top of the lower board.

A photographer from the Gloucester Echo had been asked along to photgraph the event for the next publication.

 The Team Photo with Jill and David on the Left and Syrita in the centre. Suzie & Barrie are next to me.
One of our Younger Donators, trying the Mog for size. 

After 3 hours for fund raising I said my farewells to everyone and after David helped me negotiate the bollards again I set off for a quick visit to the Morgan Factory in Malvern Link.

As we passed through Tewksbury we were held up by this chap on his Horse and Gig. I immediately thought of the original 1900 drivers meeting similar as they drove along the route then,

Soon the Malvern Hills came into view after passing over the bridge and taking the sharp right hander at Upton. Then I had to slow to a crawl as the road had been recently surfaced with large Chippings.

 It is amazing what you see when driving along. I had just turned into a narrow lane when another Del Boy Reliant Robin advertised a local business

Along the Pickersleigh Road I managed to get that iconic shot of the Morgan Factory used by many owners with their cars in front of the door

I immediately parked in front of the visitor centre and took my photos

 I spotted this Californian Car sporting a Thames Valley MSCC Centre Car Badge. 

 The Visitor Center was so busy. 
 As Planned I met with te lovely Claire Packer of MOG Magazine who told me that the Marfan Cahrity Nordcapp Rally Cars were available to see so off we went to the Factory to find them

 So here they are in all there splendour getting a clean ready for the weekend when they set off for the 5000 mile trip to Norway 
 The Five include a New (aero based) +8, a Plus 4, an Aero SuperSport, a 4/4 and a Three wheeler.

 Above is Charles Morgan's Aeromax and below is the Three Wheeler he drove in the Last Gumball rally in the United States.

 Two of the Nordkaap Rally Wrapping Designs

 As I made a fast return to my car to get back on my Rally I took these snaps of the Factory Sheds and activities.

 Then this piece of Morgan Humour crossed my path so, with a smile! The Morgan Wheely Bin.

One for the Scrapbook.

My next stop was Sainsbury's in Worcester, but the Gritting process had rached malvern and I drove into absolute Gridlock. After a while I managed to make a U turn and re route around the west of malvern where there wer no blockages at all.
 Into and Through Worcester

 Sainsbury's Worcester.

 Some of the Decor and Frontage where I stood for 2 hours. The Mog had to be in the car park.

I was cold and very tired so made may way on the last leg of the day;s travel through Kidderminster and central Birmingham to find my hotel in the little village of Sheepy Magna, a little off of my route over in  Leicestershire.

I managed to take one of those guesswork diversions where I found a place to stop and photograph one of the Birmingham Canal's 

 I was soon passing out of the city towards Litchfield when i passed through the once infamous 'Spaghetti Junction.'

And over the last bridge and I was out of it again.

I was soon approaching Sheepy Magna and my Overnight Stop which proved to be a very beautiful Manor House into which the owner has put years of tender love and care. Here are a few snaps before I st off to the local pub for a meal.

 Into Sheepy Magna

 In the Village near to the Pub
 Mog in the Darkening Evening

So there it is for another day. 
Tomorrow it is up the A38 from Litchfield to Derby, then on through the Peak District through Matlock, Bakewell and Buxton with a Hill Climb to do from the original rally. Lastly to Stockport and then Manchester for the night.

The Collection today was
Cheltenham - £83.71
Worcester    - £42.43

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