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Day 7 Edinburgh to Newcastle

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Today would be the day that I got the chance to drive part of last years Coastal Route albeit in the opposite direction. This would be the part from Mussleburgh , Prestonpans and Dunbar to Berwick on Tweed, only missing out North Berwick.

My Premier Inn Stopover Home for the Night.

I set off for Prestopans where I had spotted the Mural Trail last time.

A Monument to Coal Mining long gone now.

Entering the Prestonpans Mural Trail - The First Mural Spotted
A quick shot across the Firth of Forth

Mural Number 2 - I just missed another one on the opposite side of the road.

The Power Station

This mural is on the Power Station Wall.

Holiday Homes with a Sea View.

After turning Inland towards Dunbar I spotted this monument. Sadly, I have no idea what it represents?

A much closer view of the Monument

2 second before the lights changed, this road sweeper was creating a life threatening cloud of Road Dust which I would have had to drive through without breathing.

The road involved lots of long straights with little traffic. Lovely!

I can now see Dunbar in the distance. It is on roads like these that the Roadster is at its best with the sort of Armchair Driving more associated with a Jag. 

Another of my 'That's where I have just been ' shots.

Entering the Town, one wonders why this young women is without her shoes?

 The colourful Dunbar Harbour & Castle. This is almost exactly the same spot where I parked  last year on the Coastal Road Trip.

The Dunbar Lifeboat Men & Dogs. Gathering ready to go out on a Practice Run. I Popped a donation in their Collecting Spiral before I left.

The Swimming & Wave Pool with viewpoint Cafeteria which looks out over the Sea and Harbour. Handy for a coffee and toilet stop 

Heading South to Berwick on Tweed through Dunbar High Street.

Looking for buildings that may have been there when the 1900's Trial passed by (this one has a new roof)

The Torness Nuclear Power Station on the coast near Dunbar.

Crossing the Border going South into England this time.
 Leaving Scotland just north of Berwick on Tweed

Into Berwick through that Archway ahead.

I did a few circuits of Berwick trying to locate the road to the Old Stone Bridge where that 1900 Cars would have gone to cross the River Tweed.

 Cruising around Berwick trying to find the route over the Old Bridge
Whoops! another dead end!

I will try this one next.

 Crossing the Old Single Carriageway Bridge at last. I remember having the same problem last year as I doubled back to get the experience.

A nice group of Scottish Lillys (Daffodils) lining the roadside.

Taking another interesting Across Country Route.

Not long after leaving Berwick the road took me inland towards Wooler rather than staying on the A1. This was a lovely route. 

A Threatening Sky but no rain.

A View across to the Northumbrian Hills

Approaching Doddington Village

Into Wooler - This proved to be a very short 'In & Out visit to this pretty town.

 A Pretty Rock Garden

Leaving Wooler for Alnwick

 The route to Alnwick took me over high hills using single track roads. 

I arrived safely at the Sainsbury's and was able to park right outside of the entrance, so out came the Flags

Soon, I was joined by by two more Mogs from Newcastle's outlying areas.

 Rumor has it that Low Prices at Sainsbury's caused a Morgan Rush & Traffic Jam at the store.

Me and My Very Welcome Visitors from 'Normog Centre', Dennis, Robin, Brian and Secretary John (Preparing for their own 'Mog on the Tyne' event at Corbridge from 17th - 19th May ).  

 As they left John was 'piloting' young Robin, in John's new Morgan +4

Denis was driving his wife's 'Supercar' as his own Morgan undergoes some essential repairs. 

 Before leaving Alnwick, I did some touring around the town to find the famous Castle.

Alnwick High Street

Who took the wrong route again - another 'U' Turn needed.

Eventually, I arrive back in town!

 Ah! I can see the Castle at the end of this road.

I think that I will park over there and eat my packed lunch.

The Castle Gate with Visitors Entrance just to the Right Side of it.

For those of you who may not know it, Much of the Harry Potter Movies were filmed here in the castle grounds. They also have a fabulous Tree House Walk.
The road back to Alnwick High Street

The High Street after retail closing time.

 I had to hold back to let the Police Van get ahead so that I could take this photo of the Gateway.

On leaving Alnwick, I decided to use the country route towards the coast road the alternative A1 is a long boring road. 

 One of my Over the Head shots of the Bridge.

Going through Warkworth towards the castle.

You can just see the castle as I approach the bend in the road.

 The Port of Amble in the distance once used for Shipping Coal from the Northumberland Coal Mines.

 The Ashington Alcan Factory Chimneys in the distance.

I finally made it to Newcastle approaching along the north side of the River Tyne . 

 My destination was at the Riverside so that I could photograph the Bridges. I can just see the Gateshead Sage Theatre, over the rooftops, 

 At the bottom of the hill I took a sharp right onto the riverside and parked up where a market had been located earlier.

 This gave me the opportunity to pose in front of the Lift Up Foot Bridge and the Baltic Flour Mill, now a Gallery and Museum. 

 A Group of 'Likely Lads' on a 'Newcastle Night Out' who asked me if they could have a photo taken (for use in my Blog). 

 The last of the Market Stall Ladys, came over to offer help with the lads if I needed it, which I did not, so offered to take this photo while she was chatting to me.

The Sage could make for an interesting Garage Design. - Fits You Sir!

 There was a steady flow of people on Hen Nights and Stag Nights - This one could be said to be going a little too far,

 I was booked to stay in a Hotel on the Gateshead side in the country, which required me to cross over the famous Swing Bridge after passing under the famous Tyne Bridge above, replicated in Sydney Australia.

In the distance foreground you can see the Swing Bridge, The High Level Bridge with Trains on top and cars underneath. In the background is the new Road Bridge.

Crossing the Swing Bridge from Newcastle to Gatehead

I stopped to take this view of the Tyne Road Bridge

 I arrived at the hotel where I find this giant Chinese Warrior in the Car Park. 

The hotel included a farm with a Variety of Animals and an Equestrian Centre.

The Donkey created a mayhem of  He Haw Baying as I took his photo.

After spotting the gash on this horses neck, in my photo,  I sent the Hotel a message and copy Photo. He is fine apparently with the wound being treated but has to heal without stitches?

The Mog is tucked up for the night and I am ready for a nice meal and a good nights sleep..
In 4 Hours ,the good people of Alnwick, my only collecting point this Sunday, donated a fantastic £219.22p

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