Sunday, 29 April 2012

Day 19 - Penzance to Paignton / Torquay

Actual Miles Driven Today - 199


Young Farmers do What Young Farmers do
I met these fine fellows at the Waters Edge Hotel Torquay just as I was going to bed. 

I promised them Top Billing here as a token of their Generous Donations to H4H. 
Well Done Lads.

To say that I, or anyone else in the Torquay Hotel got a wink of sleep that night would probably be deemed an understatement. 

Someone even 'Tupped' the Fire Alarm at 5am (Sunday Morning)

Packed and ready to set off.

Today would be known as 'Four Ferries Day' 

To stay near to the coast I would be using The King Harry Ferry, The Bodinnick Ferry at Fowey, The Torpoint Ferry at Plymouth and the Dartmouth Higher Ferry.

St Michael's Mount
On my way there I made a slow pass through Marazion trying to get a decent shot of St Michaels Mount and failed.

Porthleven Harbour

But first I would be travelling to The Lizard Point and then on to Falmouth by skirting around the Holford River via Goonhilly Down.

At Helston I made a visit to what used to be know as RAF Culdrose but is now called HMS Seahawk after the aircraft of the same name. 

The Security Guard was very helpful in that he escorted Mog & I through the base to reach the Seahawk for a photoshoot.

At the Lizard

He then told me that there was a Morgan dealer in his home village of Perranwell. 

I told him that I was heading there after my Lizard trio (in search of Jenny Agutter.)

When I arrive at these 'dead end' roads I have adopted the strategy of continuing into the areas where traffic is banned. As yet no one has challenged me. 

At the Lizard the views are spectacular even though the road is narrow to get there.

Back in the village for a comfort break and I was given a few more donations while there. 

I wondered if I might have bumped into Jenny Agutter of Railway Children fame, who lives somewhere on the Lizard. 

Chance would have been a fine thing, but no luck there. 

I was worried if I would find any Fords on this trip. Here is the first one and it is bone dry.

The road over Goonhilly down is only narrow in places and proved to be another good driving road.

The Giant Satellite Dish 
I spotted the Giant Satellite dishes in the distance but while moving I only managed on decent side on shot. 

I later discovered that the self timer was activated for a one second delay. 

I wondered why I was getting so many Dashboard Shots.

In no time at all I was running into Falmouth for a trip around the bay.

Falmouth Bay

 I was then backtracking to find Perranwell Station. The map deceived me in that I thought it was far away. 

The opposite was true and I was there in a trice.

Being a Saturday Alan and Ann Ireland were having a day off so it was who made me a welcome coffee.

Customers were arriving soon so I took more photos and left for the first ferry crossing. The King Harry. 

The kind fare collector donated my £5.00 fee to H4H.

The King Harry Ferry Road
On the Ferry

Swallows & Amazons ?
This allowed me to get to St Maws, another pretty place with narrow streets, without a major diversion.

St Maws across the bay

I miss a turning for my next visit to Mevagissey so I had to double back 5 miles from St Austell.

It was worth it as I passed the restriction sign and proceeded through the town ending up on a narrow harbour wall heading for the Lighthouse.

At Mevagissey 

The next Ferry crosses from Fowey to Bodinnick so it is called the Bodinnick Ferry.

The Ferry

At Polperro I also passed the restricted access sign but could go no further than the electric passenger tram turning place so I cut my losses and left for West & East Looe and the Torpoint Ferry.

On the way I made a short diversion to HMS Raleigh for another photo shoot with their signpost..

I was in trouble again as I passed quickly through the Red Lane Control Light onto the slipway.

As the ferry gates closed a shrill two fingered whistle rang our with a loud 'HOY' Get Back Round Ere' 'You passed two red lights.

I know says I, I was trying to catch the ferry. ( He parks the car and goes for a walk until the next ferry arrived.)

It was now nearing 7pm again and I still needed to get to the Dartmouth Ferry.

 The run through Plymouth was the usual City evening crawl. 

The roads layout has changed since I used to visit the Jaeger Ladies Factory, where the building is still located on Union Street.

The Once Was - Jaeger Tailoring Plymouth Factory
I arrived at Dartmouth after travelling through Torcross and along the infamous Slapton Sands where a disastrous D Day Practise Landing went horribly wrong.

The old Tank was extracted from the sea as a memorial to the hundreds who died there.

At Dartmouth I headed for the Dart Marina Hotel as I had been offered a cup of tea by an internet colleague. 

As I was only 3 hours late he was not there.

Dartmouth Riverside

On the Ferry again.

Another circuit of the town and then into the ferry queue.

At Brixham Harbour

My last visit before finding my Hotel in Paignton / Torquay was to Brixham where one circuit was good enough.

Into Paignton and Torquay Border Hotel

I arrived at the hotel at 8pm, checked in and went to a nearby hotel for a lovely dinner.

There I met a group of Korean War Veterans, from a variety of Regiments, who were there having one of their many annual Reunions. 

I received a very Generous Donation for H4H from one of them.

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