Saturday, 14 April 2012

Day 5 - Perth to Cullen Bay Nr Buckie, Moray.

Actual Miles Driven Today - 209

I am going to begin this days posting with its highlight. As I arrived at the Cullen Bay Hotel I was to meet newly weds Mark & Emma who were married this afternoon on the Beach at Cullen Bay. A hearty congratulations go out to the Bride & Groom  

With The Green Goddess just about to be covered for the night, this photo opportunity was too good to miss. The lady (Lynne - ) relation who's idea it was gave me another generous £5 donation to H4H as well.

When I said my farewell to the wedding party at breakfast this morning, Emma said the she was embarrassed because young Holly McKenzie, daughter of Lynne, the lady owner of the grey vehicle (out of camera) was far more worthy because she had just been given the highest award in the Moray area, 'The Moray Young Citizen of the Year Award'.

This award was presented to her being a young Carer taking care of her young disabled brother, who, in his wheelchair, had just been placed in the car.  

Later as the Accordion sound playing Highland Dance Music emanated from their Wedding Breakfast celebrations I cheekily requested of these two very smart Gentlemen in their full Highland Dress, if the would mind me taking this photo to put into the Blog.  

The Hazeldene Guest House run by Rod and Glenda Davidson

Day 5 Blog.
Today actually began in Perth at the excellent Hazeldene Guest House where a hearty breakfast was enjoyed. Owner Rob Davidson is the son of Blairgowrie Morgan Owner Malcom Davidson, a Russel Patterson customer.

I found the Hazeldene contact in Miscellany and at £35 was truly value for money. Highly Recommended by me for visitors to Speyside.
Ready to leave again.

The Rational for knowing this is that my first port of call was to be the Russell Patterson Showroom, also in Perth . The Green Goddess was looking decidedly Brown/Grey before I gave her a wash this morning (must do a better job next time) The Gritters were out as I drove in the wet fro St Andrews and again today on the Moray roads.

Russell Patterson Morgan Showroom
Miscellany sir?
Russell and his Son's team were away racing Morgans and Ginettas, the two cars they support. I hope they will not mind my photos including their ideal Customer Toilet Facility.

I'm off up the road again.
My host this morning was John Printie, who kindly made me a welcome coffee and then offered to pump up my tyres as I suspected they had lost pressure. In 4 days they had reduced from 25psi to 20psi, so there is another regular job for me. John also kindly offered to grease the kingpins but I declined as I already planned to do it during my next stop and needed to get on with my journey. So we did the Photos and left John to his customer.
Once Was a Levis Dundee Factory making 50,000 pairs of Jeans a week
Exiting Perth, I had a great run to Dundee where technically I would restart the Coast Roads Run. As we passed along the duel carriageway I spotted the now closed but once premier Levis Jeans factory where I had occasionally given technical support in the 1980's

Moniefieth Fife Coast
I next cut through a small tunnel at Moniefieth where I would seek out a golf course I once played. I found the beach and forgot the golf course. If I have seen one beautiful golf course during the last couple of days I have seen dozens. A Golfers Paradise is Scotland.

Next on to Carnoustie where I missed the famous Golf Course electing not to go hunting again. It was straight on to Arbroath of 'Smokie' Kipper fame with no stopping along the way.

Montrose Docks with Oil Support Ships.
Montrose was the most photo friendly as I made a circute near the docks before leaving for Stonehaven.

Just along the road I ducked into the small village of  Johnshaven where I had a coffee break from the local pub, sitting in the sun on a park bench outside of the village store.

 I hugged the coast road again only to be caught out this time with the second road closure in two days.

This worked in my favour this time as I was able to get this picture of Stonehaven at my leisure.

The coast road to Aberdeen required some guesswork as it wound though residential areas but working on the principal of 'keep turning right' I managed it. Aiming for the Lighthouse helped.

Into Aberdeen - The Granite City

It was now a period of Hood up - Hood Down. I was on Hood Down in sunshine as I negotiated the south docks in traffic. A pearl sided Hailstone Shower turned the road white and unable to park I sat batting the hailstones with the palms of both hands. I got a lovely wave from a pair of Policewomen in a Panda car who must of thought I was waving to them.

I never saw the city centre and the road around the North Docks emerges onto a lovely curved bay with Golf Course on the left and is beach area complete with fun fair rides and cafes

My next stop was to be the little sandy bay and harbour of Cruden Bay, where I would have a lovely cup of coffee and an equally delicious rock cake from the Harbour Cafe. Near the bay I would meet the local Harbour Master Derek Thompson who was proudly busy creating the Viking Ship from an old clinker built whaler.

Derek told me that Cruden Bay was the scene of a battle between the Vikings and the Scots in the defense of Scotland. In August they will reenact the battle during which the Vikings will burn their ship.

The Harbour Cafe, Cruden Bay

After speaking with Derek, I popped into the small portacabin Harbour Cafe for a coffee. Inside, you could not swing a cat. It was packed with about 14 people all eating Rock Cakes. I ordered mine and it was delicious. Chatting to the owner I relayed the purpose of my visit and where I was going next.

One lady there said if you are staying in Cullen, don't have Cullen Skink because they dont make it right. But make sure and have the Ice Cream. For those who have never had it, Cullen Skink is a Creamy Fish & Potato Soup made from Smoked Haddock. I rejected her advice and took it as my starter. It was wonderful. I also had the Ice Cream which was nice but nothing special. In both cases it is a matter of taste.

As I headed for Peterhead, I passed the Boddam Lighthouse just visible in Red & White in the distance.

Boddam Lighthouse

In Peterhead, the harbour route , while bleak, avoids the town centre with the Tourist Route through cleary signposted.
Peterhead Dockside

After passing the big North Sea Gas Terminal I took the B road to Frazerburgh. On the way I made an unscheduled visit to St Combs, down a steep single track road with hairpins. I stopped at the shore to photo the Mog when I spotted the wreck on the rocks??

St Combs and Wreck

Fishing Boat on the Rocks

On arrival at Frazerburgh it was another docks circuit and back onto the lonely open driving roads

Frazerburgh Harbourside

These clear signs follow the whole Coast around East Scotland
Next past New Aberdour, not knowing that I had missed a fabulous beach near the harbour.

The lovely Pennan to MacDuff & Banff Road

Another small fishing harbour visit was to Pennen, down another narrow spiral road where I was confronted by the local bus coming up the hill. 
The Road down the hill to Pennan

Pennan Harbourside.

Pennan is the village where the film Local Hero was based. In the film it was called Furness and it was remiss of me not to add in a photograph of the red Telephone box featured in the movie, so here is an extra photo where you can see it. Apparently in the film they uses a Papier Mache phone box located further along the harbourside. Since the film was made most of the homes have been sold as Holiday homes?
A Good Drying Day for Washing & Mog.
As you will see here, the washing lines boarder the harbour side. 
New Born Lambs 
Further along the road I began to see fields of new born lambs. I managed a photo of these when passing.

Driving down another hill to Gardenstown

Gardenstown Harbour
One last harbour visit was to Gardenstown before making a run to Macduff & Banff  and then along the coast through Portsoy to Cullen Bay before going up the hill again to find my overnight hotel, The Cullen Bay Hotel. 
To Cullen Bay through the disused Railway Viaduct now a cycleway.

Cullen Bay used for the Wedding Venue
The story here reverts to the top of this page and the Wedding Party photos.

The Mog was finally moved to a more sheltered place in a nook nearer the hotel to avoid loosing the cover in the High Westerly Wind.

Now for a rest and that pleasant meal in the hotel starting with a pint of local ale and a delicious bowl of 'Cullen Skink'.

Tomorrow we are going further up the coast to Wick.


  1. Well done all makes great reading and wish I you well for the next week.

    1. Thanks for the interest. I have now completed this days report.

  2. Thank you for featuring my friends Emma and Mark, it added to an already lovely day :)

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