Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Day 2 from Bacton Norfolk to Coniston near Hull

Actual Miles Driven Today - 240

The first picture here was taken by me of the fantastic reception I received during a visit to Ledgerwood Morgan, where I thought I was just popping in to say Hello to Phil & Joyce.

The new friends I met are all from MSCC LinMog Centre who gathered there to welcome ME and to toast my success as I travel on. Joyce provide a wonderful buffet & Bucks Fizz.

It was a case of Shock followed immediately by Joy and much Happiness that so many would come along to say hello to me. Those very happy memories of today will now travel with me all along those lonely roads ahead.

The day began with a hearty breakfast in glorious sunshine in the conservatory of the Keswick Hotel Bacton following a good nights sleep. Owner Margaret is a Morgan Fan so it was a pleasure to take her photo with husband Russell and The Green Goddess. Margaret kindly donated my hotel expenses to Help for Heroes.

 The View from my Breakfast Table

 Waiting in the Car Park

Bacton Sands at 7.30am

Margaret & Russell

I said my farewells and set off north to Cromer. once again I found myself backtracking as the Sat Nav tricked me onto the A road once more.

Along the B Roads

Mundesley, the first town is too good to miss being originally another purpose built holiday village.

 Mundesley Coast Road

Later on in the journey I decide to record any Military Bases that I see on my route. Looking back through the photos I realised that I passed this RAF Trimingham (Neatishead) Radar Searching Base on Day 2.

 Cromer Cliff Top 

Cromer Sea View

The coast road to Cromer is quite slow due to a 40mph speed restriction with 20mph through the villages. The area has a mass of Mobile Holiday Home Parks. They seem to have taken over the best pieces of coast here.

One of the many Holiday Home Caravan Parks I would pass on this journey.
Onwards to Kings Lynn via Sheringham, Wells Next the Sea, Brancaster & Hunstanton.

 The Coast across the Fields

In glorious sunshine, this was an excellent run and would make a lovely area to return to to explore in more detail.

I arrived at Kings Lynn and into Roadworks chaos as I tried to get to the Old town which is special.

 Lovely Gardens

 The Old Public Library 

The Harbourside Road.
 As luck would have it I found my way to the Harbourside.

I stopped opposite The Customs House for the photo call before returning to the log jam when trying to get out of the town. 

This route out again was via a one way street with me driving in the wrong direction and then turning into a three lane section on the wrong side of the islands. 

Well! these were all empty roads. 

Back into the Chaos of the Road Works

 One of the Old City Gateways

 A Misdirected Photo as I cross the Swing Bridge

Again I was lucky to find a back road along the riverside that took me out northwards and back onto the Boston Road.

The Flat and Open Countryside 

 Passing Boston, Lincolnshire - No Stopping Here

Quite a Tall Tower on the Cathedral.

I was under pressure now as I had arranged to meet Peter Gilbert (Talk Morgan Buddy) in Skegness on the A52. Sat Nave had me on the A16 and the A158, the other two sides of a Right Angled Triangle so needless to say we missed each other. 

Trying to Park in Skegness

While Peter waited in Sunshine, the heavens opened for me complete with Hailstones forcing me to stop and put the hood up. 

Skeggy was sunny and bright when I got there and met Peter and his beautiful Mog bedecked with fantastic Help for Heroes decals among the bullet holes.

Peter and his Bullet Holes

 Two Mogs finally meeting

No time for the planned lunch break as we had a 4.30pm arrival with Phil & Joyce at Ledgerwood Morgan.

Butlins Holiday Camp Rooftops

 A Bleak Looking Pleasure Beach

 Keeping Up with Peter

We managed to hug the coast on a road laid out by someone inebriated, or a set of crimping irons. A Great Driving Road but with lots of tight zig zags to bring the speed down.

 Passing Immingham Docks

A Short Burst along the Dual Carriageway

 Ahead was a black sky with a small light patch in the centre. 
Peter told me that he, like me, was hoping our road would pass through the middle which it did.

We were caught with a heavier shower going through Grimsby but once on the A & M 180 we were able to keep the speed up all the way to Ledgerwoods at Winterton in the dry.

At Phil & Joyce Ledgerwoods Showrooms

Very Very Wet

The eventual rain brought with it a spectacular double rainbow which moved around as I left for hotel a 7pm to cross the Humber Bridge.

Following the Rainbow

 Pylons in the Sunlight 

 Along The Bank of the River Humber

 Industrial Scene in the Sunshine 

 Crossing the Canal Bridge

 Still Chasing that Rainbow

 My Crossing Point - The Humber Suspension Bridge

On the Bridge

 Climbing to the Top on a Traffic Free Road

Sun, through the window.

Approaching the Toll Booths

Then through lovely Hull following a Sat Nav Post Code error and into the country trying to find the Hotel arriving at 9pm as the night closed in.

That's All Folks. More tomorrow hopefully.


  1. Hi Frank,

    pleased to see you got away alright despite the fuel strike.

    watching your progress with interest from downunder!

    Neil. (TM )

  2. Hi Frank, please keep the updates coming! How are you getting on?

    1. Hi Paul,
      Catch up day today as no wifi yesterday.
      4 days done now - Perth - and so far so good. Coast roads are a mixture of frustrating with slow tourists and fantastic as many are clear and great driving roads. The concentration is tiring so I get a good nights sleep - so far.

  3. You ended up on Holderness Road? Some friends from further afield stayed in a lovely hotel there when we were working with the BBC. My first journey in my new Morgan will be to cross the Humber Bridge from Phil and Joyce's. Looking forward to it!