Friday, 13 April 2012

Day 3, Coniston Hull to Seahouses in Northumberland

Actual Miles Driven Today - 222

The Gardeners Country Hotel - Coniston Hull
The day started well, I don't think, I should have smelt a rat when they told me they did not do breakfast, only continental if you take it the night before. 

So, have been up, washed the car and ready to go at 09.00. No one to be found anywhere to check out with. it was 9-50 by the time I got on the road to Withernsea on the coast.

Withernseay Lighthouse in the Town
Hugging the coast gave me the best of the weather as I drove northwards to Seahouses having planned to meet John Anderson from NorseMog at the St Mary's Lighthouse Whitley Bay.

Bridlington Harbour
The first port of call was Bridlington via Hornsea & Skipsea. It was a lovely drive but slow due to a mix of 40 & 20MPH restrictions all the way.

Next stop Filey via Flamborough Head. I was now starting to panic as I was to meet John at 2pm.

I spotted a farm shop where I knew they would have food and coffee and the ever needed loo so in I went. 
The Mog generated much interest there as did my quest yielding about £20 more in much needed donations. One couple have a son serving in Afghanistan.

The run into Filey
Into Scarborough
Scarborough Beaches through the Walkway
Scarborough was a nightmare of long slow roadworks hold up. Whitby was no better. I was disappointed  not to have seen the Abby Ruins the way they are depicted on TV. The pressure to get to Whitley Bay and the slow running demanded a drive through in each of these towns.

As much as I saw of Whitby
Something I did'nt see??
This is more like it - Open Road to get on with it.
It was cold and wet going over the North Yorkshire Moors
By the time I got to Redcar bypass, only Half Way, it was already 1pm and I was low on fuel and the ever present need for comfort stops. 

I went into town only to get on the end of another endless ' Cross Roads' road works. 

Fuelled up, I found an alternative exit to Middlesbrough where I decided that the only solution now was to thrash up the A1.

Trying to access the A1
Now we're moving, where did they all go?
Graham, I got so close the transporter bridge and the other big lifting bridge, I though of the super photos. Sods Law prevailed and at the critical moment the camera packed up - flat battery.

The A1 was a log jam with an accident so while we sat there I changed the battery and took a call from John who was about to give up. 

I am so pleased that he stayed and waited yet another hour. 

All I hope is that there are no hidden cameras on the A1 as I was well over my limit and the regulations, But the Green Goddess loved it as we left everyone in our wake.

Through the Tunnel, still in the fast Lane - 30mph.

Through the Tyne Tunnel and across to Whitley Bay in no time at all. I even found the car park which is not visible from the Road and there to greet me was not only John but fellow NorceMog friend Dennis.

Arrival at St Mary's Island
The Lighthouse Photo Shoot
Having met for the first time, we chatted for a while and then Dennis, the photographer amongst us organised a photo shoot with the super background.

St Mary's Island Lighthouse sans Mog.
As I had not had breakfast or lunch we drove up the coast together to Blythe seafront where the best Fish and Chips are available, I would even say better than Rick Steins take away version in Padstow. 

We sat together in the sun enjoying our repast while talking cars. Johns Green 4-4 was completely rebuilt by himself from a wreck and Dennis has taken his Ivory +4 to over 152k miles and it still looks very young.

Following John to Blythe
Dennis said that he wanted to drive with me to Seahouses so John came along with me following where I could relax with no navigation to do. 

Then a change of plan, to a country pub for a much need pint. The pub was closed (as they often are midweek) so we said our farewells to John who left for home in Corbridge.

Warkworth Castle
Dennis and I went north to Bamburgh Castle as the setting sun in the west throws fantastic light onto the castle for photography and in the morning when I would drive past it may be raining?  
Before we did that we visited the lovely Harbour at Seahouse for another 'Mog Shot'

You can see the Harbour in this shot 

Over the Sea Wall, there are the Farne Islands of Grace Darling fame.
The Magnificent Bamburgh Castle with Dennis ahead.
What more can I say - Delightful.
Photos taken we returned to the Links Hotel in Seahouses where I was staying where we had that refreshing pint before we said our farewells as Dennis left for home near to Ashington and I prepared the car for its overnight, got sorted out and had another nice meal before that much needed sleep.

Tucked Up for the night.
The hotel was small but very well run and just right for me. The restaurant was full which is always a good sign. Only problem was no WiFi.

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